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Post Your Picture


Gator Fan
Well, I don't usually like pix of myself with hats on, but this is a good picture for this Gator Page!!! Check out our friend behind my son and I, in Lake Alice!


This was for this year's homecoming!
what happen to your picture gtrgrl27? Seems like lots of the pics disappeared. Mine is coming soon..

... and oh yes, there is no denying Hayley is HOT!


VIP Member
I'm finally going to post my picture. This was taken at like 6 a.m., so I'm not very awake in it, and I was a little burnt from the beach. Y'all don't laugh at me.



Gator Fan
A few of mine, some are a bit dated though. I feel a little ashamed that I'm not wearing a Gator shirt, but I can't be arsed to take a new one.





The last one is supposed to be a Daniel Plainview imitation when I got out of bed one morning. I... don't know...


VIP Member
weeeeeeeeeeee my first post in many a months


despite the look on my face i was happy beyond words


she broke up with me the next day...via text message


Gator Fan
Wow. You must really love him! lol! just kidding! :)

yeah it is mainly out of pity hahaha! just kidding! he is a great guy. And he is actually why I really love college football. I used to be just a fan. But now I am as obsessed as he is


Gator Fan
Great pictures, Susie.

I see Alabama winning the SEC West this season (that's my preseason prediction, at least).

yeah he does too... but every year he thinks they are going undefeated haha!

I do think they are going to be good this year though b/c they will be having alot of returners and LSU and Auburn will both be getting new QB's