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Please: I’m Counting On All Of YOU


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Super Moderator
That’s it—my ultimate “bottomline”, pure and simple.
In the couple of other threads where I have just responded to Y’ALL’s comments, reactions and suggestions in response to the news that Dan Mullen has indeed now been fired in the aftermath of yesterday’s strange “wave-the-white-flag” coaching job at Mizzou.
“...not with a bang, but with a whimper”, as the famous epitaph goes.
I have been (and continue to BE) quite open, frank and honest in why and how hard this has all hit and left me as a longtime Gator.
So: I am now looking to all of YOU for “mutual support” now.
NOT in empty raw-raw speculation or platitudes...
Just tell it like it IS, the way YOU see it—however “the TRUTH” comes out, OK?
There’s plenty of “BS” out there! No END to the gushing torrent that is already clogging Google and YouTube.
I know better than to even open any of that...but I don’t necessarily wanna cut myself off from GE.
All I ask is that you keep thinking, keep talking, and hang in here with me.
Let’s see what HAPPENS.