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Orlando Sentinel: Jameis Winston's accuser files federal lawsuit against FSU

Discussion in 'Gator Lounge & General Discussion' started by Escambia94, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator


    Winston is leaving for the NFL just in time for his alma mater to fight through a civil lawsuit:

    The story gets better. On a related note, the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Internal Operations at FSU is named Monk Bonasorte. Google his name. Bonasorte was arrested for his involvement with a cocaine dealing ring in 1987 [SOURCE] , spent six months in a federal penitentiary [SOURCE], and helps raise funds in a very shady manner to help pay for boosters and Tallahassee Police Department off-duty help with traffic control at games [SOURCE]!

    I am beginning to think that the FSU program is untouchable by school, county, state, or federal law enforcement, much less the NCAA!
  2. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Just f*cking amazing.
    I mean, I am torn between cynicism and outrage already just over the way that program has been allowed to get away with fighting off any consequences (the main and likeliest one always being that they'd LOSE Winston to arrest and/or suspension for any significant length of time during his time there) long enough to get the maximum period of use out of a starter, but the general PATTERN-of-behavior that the whole dirty tale is symptomatic of has been disgusting and repellant. The particular detail that you relate here, though news to me, is just one more specific "brick in the wall".
    It is all just frustrating as hell--and has played a large part (at the same time as our decline, coincidental or not, under a truly CLEAN Coach and AD) in my admittedly more cynical, "just be more careful--we HAVE to be" attitude towards having to accept "operating in the gray area" ourselves in the years ahead. I'd NEVER want to stoop to the level that FSU has fallen (now apparently down in the completely corrupt UM-like muck), for ANY reason. Even Meyer never got even near THAT low--he mostly just takes, works well with and seemingly gets the most out of big-headed jerks and prima donnas, long as they have talent...and of course turned out to have NO sense of honor, gratitude or loyalty HIMSELF--but that part didn't matter 'til the end, AFTER he'd had his "run" here, let's face it, kinda like those same turned-out-to-be-jerks he coached while here.
    This is why, though obviously we (for whatever reasons, more than many others) still have to be careful, I now accept the idea that future success depends at least in part on being able to do just that: CAREFULLY operate in those gray areas, getting the talent we need and keeping them OUT of trouble--having people on the staff who know how to do that, understand where "the line" is for us in particular out there, and walking it in a way that at worst keeps the PROGRAM clear of blame even if caught. AND, in the end, yes, a Head Coach who can attract and bring out the best in all KINDS of "types" and personalities--even the ones who LIVE in that "gray area", and have for years.
    Maybe I'm a fool, though, but I still feel we can do WITHOUT the clear sociopaths and known criminals. Not just because we are scrutinized in a different way than the scumbags at State and Eeewww, but because WE are not like them. I can be "realistic", but I WON'T be a hypocrite with an amoral, "win at ANY cost" POV. Not who we are--and never wanna BE.

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