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Next Up In This Space: ANYTHING Goes!


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That’s right:
I open and reserve this particular thread-space for ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ALL THAT SPRING TO MIND, oh my brothers...
Come on: Got a wild idea? A bug up yr butt? Some off-the-wall, wild idea you wouldn’t “normally share” under any other circumstances?
Comes the time, the man and the PLACE: HIT me, bro’!!!
NOTHING’s “OFF LIMITS” THIS TIME! Serious, funny, crazy-like-a-FOX??? I’m putting this up there NOW—but I spose, more I think about it, that maybe it just sits out there, “fermenting”, spurs “cogitation” and eventually yields INSPIRATION...We’ll keep looking for an eventual “blooming” here...


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No. If you want shitty half-brained ideas there are already 200 Gator forums and a Reddit for that.


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Fine. Nick Saban to Florida confirmed.
THERE you go! THAT’S EXACTLY the kind of thing I’m looking for
Of course, coming from YOU, I’m aware that it has no basis at all in reality.
So WHAT? Reality BITES right now! If I can’t have hope, I’ll settle for a laugh or two!
Sadly, I suppose, a cynical laugh is easier to manufacture than any kind of real HOPE right now.
But wait a minute:
I don’t follow, or even peek at any of those OTHER sites you mention...
I can only imagine the stinking morass of crazy trolling and wallowing self-pity that dominates discourse in such places.
Me, I’m just trying to find us some outlet for our frustration and disappointment.
I won’t simply turn my back on our program; but to hang in at all now I need, feel we ALL need some way to find some fun here.
So BEAT ME, slap me DOWN if you think I am somehow bailing on our PLAYERS and/or Coach too early here; tell me just how and why I am wrong and there’s a clear and viable way back...and if not, well, maybe we can at least somehow find a way to have a little FUN with it:
This is all just weighing me, seemingly weighing us ALL down as it settles at the collective PIT at the CENTER OF OUR BEING!
As for that piece of “phony news” itself, neither you, nor I, nor any of the oh so many others for whom the very same thought has long since flashed through our minds as the only damn way any of us could think of off hand that can or COULD bring the kind of positive turnaround we dream of, well, we all just dismissed its potential about as quickly as it came upon us in the first place:
An instant, sardonic and dismissive laugh.
“Yeah, RIGHT! THAT’ll happen.”
So, any other “corkers”?
Something, ANYTHING that might be doable if someone were to back a theoretical tractor-trailer-transport up to a bank vault and LOAD IT UP??!
That’s the trouble:
There AREN’T any MORE of those that come easily or quickly to mind—not here and now in this particular slice of the multiverse.
And so, for all the half-crazed anger and frustration swirling and twisting though the internet, broadcast media and the college football universe in general at the moment, not even “the unexpected” currently seems to offer any sudden surprises...
Which in TURN means we’ll likely have Dan Mullen coaching at the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA for at least another season.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t meanwhile have some fun out here in the “Junk Time Universe” that is the rest of THIS one. No?


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I think Kyle Shanahan to Florida is more likely. His dad was an OC there.
Now THAT, on first blush anyway, had the immediate ring of “WAIT A MINITE: Maybe THAT’S not so crazy. In fact...”
...I don’t know how it stands up to really close scrutiny
(?— @Escambia94, ???Run with it, E—? “To...”, or “From...”, whatever—we await your comments...)
(...I at least await your analysis: Kyle WAS the only Coach who saw (and GOT) anything out of TT as a pro, after all: Given the one small crack of an opportunity there in the playoffs with the Broncos under a GM (Elway) who hated the whole idea and strew whatever obstacles he could in his way—and then in the aftermath sacked him, seemingly for their SUCCESS, if only for that one game, what came down to ONE PLAY IN OVERTIME TO WIN IT AND MOVE ON TO THE AFC Championship Game!)
Anyway, how and where does Kyle fit in that “larger ‘big picture’ context” we are trying to fit these men into now?
(Aside: “F*CK ELWAY!”, but what ABOUT Kyle Shanahan? And as for the larger “context”, who might he bring in, or be “encouraged” (connected with?) to bring in to turn the whole “D” and “Recruiting” pictures around??! Do these have any “likely traction” in the BUILDING of a new , strong foundation there in Gainesville?
Obviously, THIS one in particular jumped right OUT at me.