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National Signing Day 2022


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
I will post the final results on the main thread at https://www.gatorenvy.com/threads/florida-gators-2022-recruiting-class.20828/. For now the Gator recruiting class of 2022 is at #26 with 15 commitments. The highest this class can get ranked is about #8 if Florida hauls in all of the athletes below. The most reasonable prediction would be about #15 with the heaviest Florida leans. Players to watch for today:

- LB Harold Perkins, 5*/0.9949, Cypress, TX. LSU or UF. LSU
- S Jacoby Mathews, 4*/0.9819, Ponchatoula, LA. aTm, LSU, or UF. aTM.
- RB Trevonte Citizen, 4*/0.9522, Lake Charles, LA. LSY, Auburn, Miami, or UF. Miami.

- RB Trevor Etienne, 4*/0.9261, Jennings, LA.
- DL Caden Story, 4*/0.9186, Lanett, AL. UF. Clemson.
- WR DJ Allen, 4*/0.9160, Gladewater, TX. UF or TCU. Committed to TCU.

- DE Jack Pyburn, 3*/0.8850, Jacksonville, FL. UF.
- WR Caleb Douglas, 3*/0.8817, Hightower City, TX. Baylor, LSU, or UF.
- TE Arlis Boardingham, 3*/0.8810, Van Nuys, CA. Oregon or UF.
- OL Jalen Farmer, 3*/0.8700, Covington, GA.

- TE Danny Lewis, 3*/0.8626, New Iberia, LA. LSU or UF. Alabama.
- S Miguel Mitchell, 3*/0.8588, Oxford, AL.
- OT Matthew McCoy, 3*/0.8466, Saint Augustine, FL. UF or other. Miami.
- QB Max Brown, 3*/0.8342, Tulsa, OK.
- TE Hayden Hansen, 3*/0.8181, Weatherford, TX.
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Will elaborate further at a later time, but for now, let’s face it:
“Pretty well same old same old!”
Not that this was or is Napier’s FAULT, per say...Just that after all the talk and hoped-for signs of a dramatic shift-to-higher-gear in recruiting over recent efforts—over Mullen’s efforts in particular—this had more the appearance and, in the end, FEEL of us giving further ground to the current SEC elite:
As in, “Meanwhile, the rich got richer!”
I’d qualify that by noting that the same seeming “disappointment” is tempered by the fact that this WAS a “transition year”, post-Coaching change, after all. And I think we DID adequately fill some important needs—which could continue albeit in less-dramatic fashion through the transfer portal in weeks ahead. Couple that with some that we managed to KEEP, and perhaps this will soon once again be a surprisingly competitive Gator team by the time we square off against our SEC foes in 2022.
Having said all that, it still remains to be seen what Coach Billy and his promising new staff can manage with a whole year and SEASON UNDER their belts:
As in, “Wait’ll NEXT year!”


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gators finish with the #19 class, which is a bit short of where I thought they would land because of Harold Perkins, Jacoby Mathews, and Trevonte Citizen choosing other schools.

1. Texas A&M
2. Alabama
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. Texas
6. Penn State
7. Notre Dame
8. Oklahoma
9. Michigan
10. North Carolina
11. Clemson
12. LSU
13. Kentucky
14. Missouri
15. Miami
16. Tennessee
17. Stanford
18. Auburn
19. Florida
20. FSU

Interesting trends:
- Co-DC/ S Coach Patrick Toney was the top recruiter for Florida at #12.
- ILB Coach Jay Bateman was the next best recruiter for Florida at #85. At UNC Bateman was a top-25 recruiter for several years.
- The only UF recruiter in the top -25 these past few years was Brian Johnson, where he was #21 in 2020 before leaving for the NFL.
- The only other top-30 recruiter the Gators had in recent times was Torrian Gray at #27.
- In 2020 and 2021, current Gator coaches Jay Bateman, Corey Raymond and Sean Spencer were all top-30 recruiters.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The interesting thing is that the Gators only took in 17 recruits. The scholarship roster looks to be tapped out at 85 players, so I expect to see some major roster movement between spring camp and fall camp. There will probably be some transfer portal movement after spring camp as the seniors graduate and the underclassmen fall further down the depth chart. For example, it is assumed that Emory Jones will become a graduate transfer after the spring, since he is only a few classes away from graduation and classes are already paid for. I cannot imagine Florida keeping Carlos Del Rio-Wilson and Jalen Kitna in addition to Anthony Richardson, Jack Miller, and Max Brown. If AR15 is not healthy in the spring it is possible that the QB competition remains heated through fall camp. The Gators are still thin at LB, so I expect to see some transfer portal additions there.
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We sort of got “used” as a “phantom competitor” by a few of those “top dogs” we were supposedly “in the late-running with” towards the end there:
A sort of combination “drama/attention grabber” and way to “apply some pressure” on the preferred program each ended up actually going (STAYING) with after all.
We may not like it, but it’s the way things are done nowadays.
I just wanna see US in the “BIG Dog” role, the favored “Freight Train” gathering steam out there...only THEN will I know that we are truly “on our way BACK”!
All the years that HASN’T been the case, well, we made excuses, trusted the “walks his own road” story our last Coach gathered around himself—and by now we can SEE the results.
It ain’t magic or mirrors.
Like they say: “Not so much the X’s and O’s as...”
Actually, it’s likely “the X’s and O’s“ as WELL as “the Jimmies and Joes”—what you DO with the talent you gather...
But more than ever, GETTING “the talent”, a certain PREPONDERANCE of it (at the very least returning to dominance in our own STATE!) will HAVE to return if we are to get anywhere NEAR where we expect to be.
No use fooling ourselves about it anymore.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gator class was only two recruits away from being a top-10 class.

Here is the class as-is ranked at #19 with 225.84 points. The overall talent level is higher than Dan Mullen's. Adding in transfer DL Tyrone Truesdell 6-3 325 Lanett HS, Lanett, GA by way of Auburn (2017) would only bump the Gators five spots to #13, in between Kentucky and Missouri. Both of those schools have room on their roster to also add transfers, so I will assume that Florida is the #19 class plus or minus a couple spots when counting transfers.
S Kamari Wilson 6-0 200 IMG Academy, Bradenton, Florida. 5-star/0.9808.​
LB Shemar James 6-2 212 Faith Academy, Mobile, Alabama. 4-star/0.9717.​
DL Chris McClellan Owasso HS, Owasso, Oklahoma. 4-star/0.9537.​
RB Trevor Etienne, 5-9 218, Jennings, LA. 4-star/0.9261.​
S Devin Moore 6-3 190 Naples HS, Naples, Florida. 4-star/0.9064.​
OT Tony Livingston 6-4 260 King High School, Tampa, Florida. 4-star/0.8984.​
DL Jamari Lyons 6-4 295 Viera HS, Melbourne, Florida. 4-star/0.8911.​
DE Jack Pyburn, 6-3 265, Jacksonville, FL. 3*-star/0.8850.​
WR Caleb Douglas, 6-3 185, Hightower City, TX. 3*-star/0.8817.​
DL Andrew Savalinea, 6-3 258, Graham, WA. 3-star/0.8702.​
IOL Jalen Farmer 6-5 325 Eastside, Covington, Georgia. 3-star/0.8700.​
S Miguel Mitchell, 6-1 205, Oxford, AL. 3-star/0.8588.​
OT David Conner 6-6 270 Deerfield Beach HS, Deerfield Beach, FL. 3-star/0.8484.​
IOL Christian Williams 6-4 320 Fort Bend Marshall, Missouri City, Texas. 3-star/0.8477.​
QB Max Brown, 6-3 200, Tulsa, OK. 3-star/0.8342.​
K Trey Smack 6-2 200 Severna Park HS, Severna Park, Maryland. 3-star/0.8189.​
TE Hayden Hansen, 6-5 250, Weatherford, TX. 3-star/0.8181.​
Total, Average​

Hypothetically, grabbing Trevonte Citizen would have put Florida at #11 above LSU and below Clemson. Grabbing Harold Perkins puts Florida at #6 below Texas and above Penn State. With 17 recruits this class could also grab five 3-star athletes and climb into the top 10. FSU, Miami, LSU, and North Carolina all have as much wiggle room as Florida with smaller classes to climb the rankings with late additions through the portal. To give the reader an idea of how far ahead Texas A&M, Alabama, and Georgia are with recruiting, Florida would need to land either of the top two athletes below plus all the remaining ones on this list in order to land in the top 3 with those schools. Note that the average rating of 0.9285 (4-star) for all these misses was a bit higher than Florida's average rating of 0.8860 (3-star). For perspective, the top 12 schools have an average rating of a 4-star. The schools ranked 13-150 have an average rating of a 3-star.

LB Harold Perkins Cy Park High School, Cypress, Texas. 5-star.​
S Jacoby Mathews 6-2 193 Ponchatoula HS, Ponchatoula, Louisiana. 4-star.​
RB RB Tre'Vonte Citizen 6-0 217 Lake Charles College Prep, Lake Charles, Louisiana. 4-star.​
DL Caden Story 6-3 282 Lanett HS, Lannett, AL 4-star/0.9185​
WR DJ Allen 5-11 190 Gladewater HS, Gladewater, TX 4-star/0.9085​
TE Danny Lewis 6-4 235 Westgate, New Iberia, Louisiana. 3-star.​
OT Matthew McCoy 6-6 285 Creekside, Saint Augustine, Florida. 3-star.​
Total, Average​

My guess is that all those schools will make use of the portal as well as Florida and we will maintain relative rankings, so #19 will probably be the final ranking for this class. If Napier is just as good or better than Mullen with the transfer portal then and can grab a couple of these portal transfers below I could see an adjusted ranking around #12. The chart below shows the top prospects sitting in the portal. The hypothetical points are approximate interpolations. Hypothetically, if Florida landed all of these athletes (which it most definitely will not), the Gators would have the #5 class just below Ohio State and just above Texas. In the current top 5 we can see that Alabama and Ohio State still have room to add transfers. No matter what magic Napier pulls the best he can improve the class ranking with transfers available now is about 5-7 spots. Note that only two of these available transfers would boost Florida's overall talent level.

DL Maninoa Tufono 6-3 290 Punahou HS, Honolulu, HI by way of USC. 4-star/0.9203 (2019)​
CB Sevyn Banks 6-1 180 Jones HS, Orlando, FL by way of Ohio State. 4-star/0.9166 (2018)​
WR Jalynn Williams 5-10 188 St Petersburg HS, St Petersburg, FL by way of Toledo. 3-star/0.8729 (2018)​
WR Dexter Carter Jr. 5-11 175 The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL by way of Georgia Southern. 3-star/0.8478 (2016)​
DL Devin Drew 6-4 272 Raytown HS, Kansas City, MO by way of Texas Tech. 3-star/0.8336 (2020)​
CB Caleb Christensen 5-9 180 Sky View, Smithfield, UT by way of BYU. 3-star/0.8227 (2019)​
CB Tyler Days 6-1 185 Cicero-North Syracuse HS, Cicero, NY by way of Boston College. 3-star/0.8186 (2018)​
DL Raashaan Wilkins 6-3 307 Monterey, CA by way of Vanderbilt. 3-star/0.8106 (2020)​
LB Keyshawn Johnson 5-11 214 Duncanville HS, Duncanville, TX by way of ULM. 3-star/0.8014 (2018)​
Total, Average​
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