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myspace: good or evil

Discussion in 'Gator Lounge & General Discussion' started by Mr2Bits, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Gator Fan

    Do you think more good or bad has come from Myspace? You hear about stalkers and pervs looking for underage children on there and trying to meet up with them. Obviously the bads... But you also hear of long lost relatives or friends reuniting. What do you think?
  2. sammy

    sammy VIP Member

    I think myspace is a fad of sorts. I think its a great way to communicate with friends, but I also think of lot of people treat it as a diary... and that's not a good thing because anything you put on there can be seen by the world.

    I like the idea they have of making profiles private. I just think they need to take that a step further and make all profiles private unless you are someone's friend.
  3. FGfan2150

    FGfan2150 Gator Fan

    Honestly, it's the kids fault for giving stalkers there info. I mean, everyone talks about stalkers and that, but it's the kids fault for giving them all their personal info, pretty much asking them to rape you. Know, i'm not on the stalkers side, but also it's not smart for the young children.
  4. gatorfan

    gatorfan Gator Fan

    I think it depends on how you use it. If we use community sites like myspace with certain precautionary measures then there should not be any problem. We should teach our kids that they should not share personal info with anyone unless they are absolutely sure about what they are doing.
  5. sammy

    sammy VIP Member

    It's actually 'stalkers' not 'stockers'... but anyways, a lot of it goes back to the parents and them not monitoring what their kids do online.
  6. FGfan2150

    FGfan2150 Gator Fan

    Ah, sorry it was late and I was tired. Anyways, that's true. Parents should always be watching what websites their kids go on, but then again, it should be common sense your older kids.
  7. Beckham

    Beckham Gator Fan

    Of course it's good. You make internet friends and have a blast.
  8. bballstar3

    bballstar3 Gator Fan

    You just have to watch yourself on myspace. Or for kids, yes, it's the parents' responsibility to watch the websites they go on. But even for older kids, this "common sense" thing can be a very rare thing. A lot of people seem to think that everyone is who they say they are on Myspace. These sites that allow you to put in all your personal information for the benefit of contacting the friends that you know or matching interests, they can be very dangerous and are havens for predators.

    I would say that there is good and bad that comes from Myspace. I'm sure that we hear about more of the bad than the good. You just have to watch yourself.
  9. DocZaius

    DocZaius Gator Fan

    MySpace is awesome! All the kids are doing it these days!

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