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McCafe vs. Starbucks

Discussion in 'Gator Lounge & General Discussion' started by Mr2Bits, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Gator Fan

    So I went to a "McCafe" last night and got an iced moca. This is the first time I've had McDonalds coffee, but wanted to give it a shot since the drink is only $2.99 vs. the like $3.99 at Starbucks.

    Honestly I was not impressed. If it wasn't topped with whipped cream I might not have been able to drink it. For now Starbucks is worth the extra dollar.
  2. PhD Gator

    PhD Gator Super Moderator

    I haven't tried the Iced Mocha yet, but I've heard it isn't very good.

    I love their Iced Coffees though. Not the ones that are icey like the Iced Mocha, but the ones that are just cold coffee on ice with flavoring. The caramel is awesome and the french vanilla is as well. Maybe give those a try if you liked Iced coffee, I think they are very good.
  3. MahxFahn

    MahxFahn Gator Fan

    While absorbed in one of my favorite pastime, sipping on my freshly ground and brewed Dark Roast "Cafe Justo" (black) and perusing the web I found this article. I decided after reading it that the competition between Ronald and Howard is benefiting me now, 'cause I can get a real fresh brew at starbucks and not have to wait to get home. (I have avoided the weak stuff @ mcD's for a long time) I personally am not a fan of the flavored stuff but those that I have shared a cup or two with that do, would rather spend a little extra for a better cup. Usually at a local shop as opposed to the giants.[​IMG]

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