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lets reminisce in 1 of the greatest games ever played in the swamp

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by GainesvillebornNraised, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XZOr3D3Exg[/YOUTUBE]

    knocked off #1 FSU 32-29 and we had to work with 2 young QB's lol

    taylor and quezzy went off damn i miss the fun n gun
  2. heres janakowski's dumbass doing the gator chomp after they thought they had it won lol bet he felt stupid as hell for that lol


    come on guys show love for this game it top 1 or 2 the blocked kicks on SC is pretty close too but i think i prefer this one for killing FSU title hopes
  3. come on guys why dont these threads get many responses?

    heres some more great flashbacks



  4. gotta love the spankin we put on OSU i was so hype watching that game jumpin all over goin nuts

  5. AK Gator

    AK Gator Gator Fan

    While that video doesn't show the real ebb and flow of the game as it was played is certainly succeeds in capturing the elation of every single Gator player and fan in the Swamp that day. For a game that I'd never seen much footage of that highlight reel was outstanding! I'm going to go out of my way to find a copy of that entire game to watch some time.

    As for if it is the greatest in the Swamp or not, I can't really say. It definitely has the feel of an astounding game that's for sure. The Moss FG block against South Carolina was an epic moment, but I'm not so sure I would rank that whole game too highly. Still, that block has a place on the all-time Gator highlight reel just for how dramatic it was in terms of the game, but more importantly the season. You could just feel the crowd in the ground well into the parking lot when that happened.
  6. yea wish i could find the whole game with noles highlights but couldnt thats how alot of youtube vids are. its stupid

    caught janakowski doing the chmomp tho lol
  7. AK Gator

    AK Gator Gator Fan

    Yeah, the Janikowski Chomp was pretty great. Few things are harder to swallow for a player than talking smack to a high degree and then failing to follow through. Personally I'm happy for any Gator fan who saw him do that in the Swamp and remembered it at the end of the game when that last TC was scored and that INT was brought down. I'm sure it only made the day sweeter for them.
  8. TenGator1

    TenGator1 Gator Fan

    i remember that idiot chompin like the game was over.....i hope some choice words were thrown his way after that game which IMO was the best game ever played at the swamp.
  9. GatorBa!t

    GatorBa!t Gator Fan

    my offensive coach in high school was actually thad busby and i made a joke about that game to him and he got so pissed at me....he still doesn't like to talk about it...great win
  10. AK Gator

    AK Gator Gator Fan

    Hahaha I have a story like that too. I went to high school in Alaska with a guy who eventually ended up going to South Carolina for college. He and his buddies came down to Gainesville for the game in 2006 that featured The Block by Jarvis Moss. I went tail gating with all of them and had a good time, but then we split up at game time with the plan to meet up at my place after the game to go out drinking. 15 minutes after the block I get this call and he is so pissed off that he was driving back to South Carolina with his friends straight from the game. Before that day, he was a pretty rational fan. These days he has such hatred for the Gators it isn't even funny. I honestly blame that field goal being blocked as the main reason why.

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