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lets make some early predictions for the season

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by GainesvillebornNraised, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. demps finally gets 1000 rush yards with tebow's running ability gone

    we have 3 or 4 big time WR's this year not sure who will be #1 but ill throw some names(deonte thompson, omarius hines, andre debose, solomon patton, carl moore, chris dunkley)wow thats alot of potential at WR, i expect the pass game to be alot more explosive this year and the reverses and trick plays to come back

    rainey does a great job in the percy position minus catching deep balls(mostly short stuff but he's amazing when he gets space)

    the defense barely loses a step except the back feild kinda concerns me but we got so much depth if 1 guy isnt working out another will be hungry to get his spot

    brantly throws 30+ TD's and less then 15 INT's

    so go ahead and add on guys
  2. gatorsfootball#1

    gatorsfootball#1 Gator Fan

    sounds great to me. I think we lose to Alabama, then win the East and beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Who is going to be returning kickoff's and punts?? Rainey??
  3. im not sure how moody does

    i know he's a good RB but he just seems like the kind that would be best running in the I behind a fullback
  4. CaliZona_Gator

    CaliZona_Gator Super Senior Member

    Not sure that Demps will be taking enough carries to get 1000 yards. I'm predicting our offense to amaze, and our defense to be weaker than we hope.
  5. he got like 750 last year with tebow running the ball all the time

    at most i think brantley's just gonna be running the option and when he is getting rushed sees open space like every other QB

    if we had cam newton tho i wonder if they would of changed anything with a hit like this as a freshmen

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e60_8ln-MgE"]YouTube - Cam Newton Trucks a Vol[/ame]
  6. Leakfan12

    Leakfan12 VIP Member

    I hope Thompson can raise to the occasion.
  7. JvilleJohnny

    JvilleJohnny Senior Member

    I see Johnny Rocket throwing at least 30 TDs. Demps getting 1000 yards rushing. Our secondary being a tad vulnerable, but our D-line being beastly. Hopefully Deonte Thompson as #1 target, Chris Rainey the #2 receiver, and Solomon Patton a close 3rd. But this year's offense will truly be the spread. Moody could possibly catch some balls as well.
  8. GoGators01

    GoGators01 Gator Fan

    imagine the speed that will be on the field at the same time... rainey, demps, thompson, debose... demps definitely has the best top end speed but rainey is probably the shiftiest. these guys in the open field is an opponents worst nightmare.
  9. PhD Gator

    PhD Gator Super Moderator

    I have heard Robert Clark's name mentioned as a likely candidate for returning kicks. I believe Patton was another one being mentioned. Sounds like we might see one of the freshmen back there. Might be nice to have one of them groomed to be a career-long return man. Clark wasn't a highly rated recruit, so you never know he could turn into a Brandon James type guy. Maybe play a little of a regular position but be more of a special teams specialist.
  10. shandsgator8

    shandsgator8 VIP Member

    I think our defense will be pretty good and comparable to last year. I say this because I think our defense didn't play to its potential last season (although it did play very well). Worse case scenario, our defense is still better than it was in 2007.

    It's our offense I'm a little worried about, although I think we'll be fine.

    I predict a 9 or 10 win season. Only 8 wins is possible or finishing with 11+ wins is possible as well.
  11. GatorBa!t

    GatorBa!t Gator Fan

    Well I think the Gators go undefeated, Johnny nabs himself a Heisman...we destroy Alabama yet again in the SECCG......we win the National championship hands down....another # 1 recruiting class....then we take over the world one person at a time till we have kids in Somalia wearing Gator jerseys..Florida secedes from the union and is called Florida: The Gator Country...Urban Meyer is ellected president and Tim Tebow is Prime minister.....yep thats how i see it...

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