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Learning Who We ARE


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It IS finally starting to come into focus...the good AND the bad: We are beginning to get a sharper, detailed picture of our true strengths and weaknesses here and now—and where we are HEADED. How far, how fast...
On the plus side of the ledger, we are definitely a strong, steadily-improving as the “both-game-and-SEASON-goes-on” team. We have the first-string talent and are developing the DEPTH to dominate the line of scrimmage on BOTH sides of the ball now TOO.
On the minus side, we continue to miss tackles AND all too often revert to generally showing poor technique in ALL phases of the game for key stretches of games where the outcome is still in the balance.
We will HAVE to resolve these questions totally, and SOON, if we hope to turn the corner to finally embark on the “stretch run”/“Championship Drive” we have long envisioned and seriously signed on for with Mullen’s arrival in Gainesville.
So maybe here TOO we begin to get answers...
It is now TIME, possibly “long PAST time” for us to get “the little things” fixed, the details attended to and a more “complete package” properly “signed, sealed and delivered“!!!
In fact, I don’t wanna use hyperbole or catchy phrases for it anymore:
“Let’s simply begin going out and EXECUTING PROPERLY!”
Play our game, with attention to detail on EVERY PLAY.
Start strong, finish the same—leave it all on the field when we DO finally leave it, and victory WILL most often be ours.
We are well and truly INTO IT now:
The TRUE SEASON is now in full swing—and we are in the THICK of it!
We MUST now just somehow relax here at the “Eye of the Storm”: BE that “calm place” that our Coaches and Team-Leaders create the conditions for—REVEL in it!
No tricks, no gimmicks (well, aside from the odd “double pass” from behind the line of scrimmage for the sudden fast score down at THEIR end of the field!).
Bottom line, finally: Look to our OWN issues. Focus on fixing what we can; recognize and work on the things that are doable, right there in front of us. We have the staff (especially the COACH), and (more and more) the PLAYERS with the talent and flexibility to respond, GET IT DONE in the course of a season’s constantly changing landscape.
One strong caveat:
We damn well will have to TAKE IT—The Fightin’ Gators, as always, will just have to go out and WIN its way into proper consideration, actually “BEAT THE BEST” in order to be included among those who get to compete among “The Chosen Four” found worthy in the “popularity contest”/“beauty pageant” that the current CFB Playoff amounts to. It grows more and more clear that only in winning our way through to a rematch with the Tide at Atlanta’s SEC Championship in December, and then probably still having to win THAT in order to claim ourselves a place in the Playoffs.
Based on what we’ve seen in the ranking moves (or rather LACK thereof) so far, the various voters/powers-that-be influencing that very public culling will otherwise KEEP us OUT of the eventual “FINAL FOUR”.
So what ELSE is new?

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