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Kiffin talking bout richerdson on sportcenter

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by gdubb, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. gdubb

    gdubb Gator Fan

    i love that we got him when urban wanted him...

    i hope we beat tenn worse this year then we did last year
  2. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    Dennis Dodd at BCS Sports is calling Kiffin out over this: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/6270202/13413779/3

    UF responds to this penny-ante punk and there is an official statement from UF's compliance director on this; once again Meyer did nothing wrong. Yes, Kiffin owes Coach Meyer an apology which protocol asks that Urban accept, but deep down if I were in Meyer's shoes I'd tell Kiffin where he can stick his apology: http://gxweb.ny.atl.publicus.com/article/20090205/ARTICLES/902050920/1136?Title=Florida_reacts_angrily_to_Kiffin_s__false__accusation
  3. gatorsfootball#1

    gatorsfootball#1 Gator Fan

    It's ok let Lane Kiffin run his mouth. He is playing with the big boys in college football. He will make Tenn. wish Phil Fulmer was still there. Look what happened to Mark Richt after he dissed Urban Meyer. One day these guys will learn not to mess with the Gators.
  4. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    Well, now Lanie's in hot water with the SEC, according to the statement Jeremy Foley issued after all this broke.

    I'm not condoning what Mark Richt did at all; it was tacky and unsportsmanlike. However, what Kiffin did was childish and malicious and was worse than Richt's little stunt.

    Let Kiffin keep up with all the gaffes and the trash talk - what goes around comes around. If he messes his bed, he has to sleep in it.
  5. gdubb

    gdubb Gator Fan

    all this just gives me even more reason to hate tenn..
  6. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    Me too - no wonder why Gator fans, Bammers and others call them "UcheaT".

    Oh BTW, here's another gaffe by Kiffin; he insults Nuke's high school:

    "...You can't understand how hard this is to get done," Kiffin said. "Eddie had this set up at 7 o'clock in the morning. They (Richardson's aunts) got the papers signed by the kid. They didn't go do it at the school because they knew somebody at the school was going to screw it up. The fax machine wouldn't work, or they would have changed the signatures, all the things that go on in Pahokee (Fla.) now. The aunts took it over to a junior high, found a fax machine that worked and faxed them over to us at 7 o'clock, and I kept it in a drawer till their 1 o'clock press conference..."

    Link: http://myespn.go.com/blogs/sec/0-5-38/Kiffin--Meyer-cheated-and-still-lost-top-prospect.html

    What a classless putz.
  7. MahxFahn

    MahxFahn Gator Fan

    A first class pinhead and simpleton, he learned from the best lamebrain. Now his only goal is to emulate his mentor.
  8. Leakfan12

    Leakfan12 VIP Member

    I hope the Gators beat UT worse than the 2007 game (59-20) and jacked up the UT QB in the process.
  9. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    In the Breaking News forum, I posted some links about how he burned his bridges in Oakland; he was nothing but a troublemaker and a PITA.

    As much as Al Davis can be a jerk at times, he did the right thing in getting rid of Kiffin when he did. He was nothing but a cancer in that organization.
  10. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    Mike Slive reprimands Kiffin

    Good for Commissioner Slive, I say: http://secsports.com/index.php?s=&url_channel_id=2&url_article_id=12157&url_subchannel_id=&change_well_id=2

    And then this pansy Kiffin apoligizes, per ESPN:

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin apologized Thursday for remarks he made about Florida coach Urban Meyer, where he alleged the Gators coach violated recruiting rules in pursuing wide receiver prospect Nu'Keese Richardson.

    Florida demanded an apology and the SEC publicly reprimanded Kiffin on Thursday.

    "At an energetic breakfast with some of our donors and alumni I made a statement that was solely meant to excite the crowd," Kiffin said in a statement.

    "If I offended anyone at the University of Florida, including Mr. Foley and Urban Meyer, I sincerely apologize. That was not my intention."

    Take your apology and stick it where the sun never shines, Lanie. You can't take back things you say and do.
  11. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Gator Fan

    In 2009, Tennessee will see a beatdown like UGA did this year. Urban doesn't stand for this nonsense.
  12. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    Mark Richt ought to know that.

    Dave, I have a feeling that when their BB team comes to the O-dome soon, the Rowdy Reptiles are going to be just as hostile. This just ignited Gator Nation a lot more.

    Knowing Urban Meyer, he'll make a subtle "get-even" gesture if we blow them out, but he'll do it with class. I'm glad Jeremy Foley handled this gaffe and not Meyer; he has enough tact and common sense not to stoop to Kiffin's low level.
  13. gatorsfootball#1

    gatorsfootball#1 Gator Fan

    I agree that what Kiffin did was worse than Richt, but it is the fact that you don't mess with Urban Meyer. He will get his revenge. Lane will definetly get a good taste of the Swamp come Sept.
  14. gatorsare#1

    gatorsare#1 VIP Member

    I have to wonder what Fulmer is thinking and what Richardson is thinking now that he knows that he's been used by Kiffin.

    Also, I hope Kiffin never gets another player from Pahokee again after he insulted the city. Just to make sure people on here realize how good that area is at producing football players, that's where we got Janoris Jenkins.

    Kiffin also did something else that might be impossible; he just revealed that Al Davis was RIGHT when he fired Kiffin.
  15. MahxFahn

    MahxFahn Gator Fan

  16. BamaBuff24

    BamaBuff24 Gator Fan

    New guy on the block. How y'all doing? I don't know if guys notice, but in runs in his Coaching Staff. CLT ex Alabama coach had some words for CNS. About you guys leave a little bit for us when you get through with Kiffy.
  17. gatorsare#1

    gatorsare#1 VIP Member

    I'm still trying to figure out why Kiffin decides to get 4 coaches who have won national championships (Meyer, Saban, Spurrier, Miles) mad at him. I hope his team gets destroyed by UF and I hope you guys take it to him as well, and I hope Spurrier can take him down as well since he also insulted Spurrier. And whenever Tennessee next plays LSU, I hope Miles beats him.
  18. kengatorfan

    kengatorfan Gator Fan

    Open Mouth.....Insert Foot!!!!
  19. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    What Kiffin did yesterday was unacceptable, unprofessional and just plain despicable, let alone the fact that be broke an SEC rule.

    That so-called "apology" he gave yesterday was insincere and weak; he made an excuse about firing up the crowd just to sweep the matter under the rug. Had he had the nads to admit that what he did was out of line and unbecoming of his position, I wouldn't have reacted as harshly as I did.

    Not only should he admit to Urban Meyer that his behavior was childish and embarrassing, he should do the same to Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier and any other SEC coach whom he's offended so far.

    It's nice to know that outside the playing arena you Bama fans have taken our side on this. Not to worry; we'll let him lick his wounds after 9/19 and then let all of y'all in Tuscaloosa have at him.
  20. inthestands

    inthestands Gator Fan

    You know what I find funny. How can Kiffin be so arrogant when he didn't really run the offense at USC and the Raiders actually improved once Kiffin left... He has to know that he sucks as a coach.

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