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Keys to the Ohio State game


VIP Member
what are some of the keys to the game? I keep hearing that we HAVE to block up front. The buckeyes have a sick defensive line. They're fast and mean. Our oline needs to be able to block for our runners.

what are some other keys to the game?


Gator Fan
Trick plays! I think we need to open the playbook. You saw what Boise State did to Oklahoma. We need to get Harvin involved in all aspects. He's out best playmaker.

And I wouldn't put out the possibility of seeing Tebow and Leak on the field at the same time.


Gator Fan
Like Mr2bit said, opening up new trick plays would help a lot. They need a big variety, and yeah buckeyes do have a 'tuff defense!


VIP Member
Defense is the key. Ray MacDaddy needs to have an explosive game. Rushing the QB and keeping pressure on him is a must. Force him to run the ball, not throw it.


VIP Member
Ball control. We need to eat up the clock to keep the buckeyes off the field. we also need to play tight defense and cover ginn like a man man!

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