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Keon Zipperer Out for Season


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...As if we needed MORE bad news re who and/or WHAT we can put on the field the rest of this season.
I suppose the only "last hope for a miracle" I cling to in SPITE of myself would have to be us finding some way to eke out a win over "Free Shoes" to end the season (though with Miami putting up a public banner declaring THEMSELVES "Free Money, Cars, and Whores", I guess that lightweight piece of reminiscent sarcasm rates pretty harmless...).
Not that ANYONE could have foreseen all that was coming at us generally--here at UF in particular OR College Football as a whole, but at this point, if we're being fair I think we can pretty well retroactively now see that this season's avalanche of disappointment, AND Napier and his staff's place in it, are both pretty well without blame to him or them.
Though there is no denying that this is one "Brave New World", one requiring a harder-edged, expect-the-worst among some of the more desperate and/or devoid-of-character-and-principle out there, it remains for US to be among those who do our best to "HOLD THE LINE" against the worst of this ongoing assault.
We've already felt the consequences of some of it--and it will get worse and WILDER before it is properly addressed, I fear.
But there will BE a "reckoning". There MUST be, or the very fabric of College Football as we know and love it will be lost. In the meantime, the teams and programs in the SEC must hold that line, as I say.
"Part of the solution, NOT part of the problem."

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