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Jeff Demps NFL article/video... wow


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Hey "dy"--Welcome!
Well, if Demps can make a decent living for a few years as a world-class professional sprinter, it can wait--all the more so if he wins Gold at the upcoming Summer Games in London: THAT opens the door to endorsement opportunities at the highest level, something that isn't normally available to even big NFL stars not named "Tebow". Wouldn't it be something, to have ANOTHER "famous Gator" (and one who played with TT, too--don't think you won't hear about THAT in the lead-up "story-spinning"-coverage now so popular among American broadcast journalists, courtesy of Jim McCay back in the '70s).
Though he always was more strongly-built than Rainey, and may well hold up better to the every-down pounding a running-back takes in the NFL, ideally he'd be a "counterpoint" to a larger "point"-back in a versatile pro running attack. Not that he can't go up-the-middle (on the contrary, if you aren't ready for it, he'll burst into your secondary THAT way and you may never catch him)--only that he oughtn't be the one doing it every time.
Again, I'm surprised no one grabbed him in the lower rounds; my assumption is that teams figured he wouldn't be ready for a return to football before next year at this time, when he'd go back "into the hat" if still unsigned, as I understand the rules in this regard--and he won't "sign" with anyone until his track-career is over.

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