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It Isn’t Just the Angry Fringe Anymore


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It is perhaps just another sign of how quickly things have “gone South” for the UF football program, but the fact is that whereas just a few weeks ago talk of Dan Mullen’s potential firing could easily be consigned to the wild over-reaction of the “lunatic fringe” among the more exciteable (and concomitantly less informed) elements on public UF-“venting sites” online, by now, just short weeks (and a handful of bad losses) later it comes as a mounting wave of such pronouncements from less strident, normally more objectively pensive among major figures on the largest sports outlets. Some of the most respected, and normally “even-keeled” commentators are now beginning to come forth with their own “it’s just a matter of time” reasonings.
Personally, I find it very sad:
It has all seemed to come apart so FAST. And at this point, even knowing that it would mean a likely long, slow, “break it down and then rebuild it from the ground up” process no longer can necessarily stand in the way of what is growing more and more seemingly downright NECESSARY:
I just don’t know that we can avoid it, can find any other way back on track. And THAT, when you face it squarely, is somewhat of a shock.
It seems we are facing a “last ditch” situation with this Coach and staff now: He either somehow pulls it together, finds the people, components, approach and SPIRIT (all long shots already at best, let’s FACE it) to turn this around in a dazzling HURRY from here, or “the worst” WILL have come to pass!
That’s how it IS: No longer just a “dark maybe”— we’re now down to hoping he can “crank the sun back up into the sky”.
We’ve got nothing BUT “hope” to grab onto now—so of COURSE I, like most Gators, dearly, vainly HOPE that SOMEHOW something very rare CAN in fact come to pass.
But there is no use in exaggerating it’s “likelihood”.
Doom surrounds and clings to this whole situation now.

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