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I had to do it.

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by InkedAdrenaline, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. InkedAdrenaline

    InkedAdrenaline VIP Member

    Sorry but I had to put on here "I told you so!!!!!!!"......i know its late but I do remember about a couple months ago I posted Tebow was FOR SURE going in the first round and got ambushed by a bunch of 'experts' on how it was never gonna happen....well....I told u so, i dont hear u talkin now!!!

    GO BRONCOS!!!! TEBOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHOMP CHOMP!!!!
  2. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Gator Fan

    Yup - I was criticized in a similar way at the office by a bunch of coworkers that apparently are "experts" too.
  3. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    I am glad I was wrong, because it is more money for Timmy and it shuts up the critics. I did not realize that coaches still existed that drafted based on character. Now, the critics are going to have to bash the Denver coaches for paying 1st round salary on a player that may or may not start in his first year--but the Denver coaches seem to be okay with this! I am okay with it as well. I don't think many QBs should be starting in their rookie year. If the rumors of Jacksonville had come true, then Timmy would have been drafted for the wrong reason.

    In short, I was wrong, and I am glad I was. I am glad someone drafted him in round 1 for the right reasons.
  4. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    Based on what I saw this morning on ESPN Sportscenter, Timmy's receptive to the coaching he's getting from the Broncos staff and is eager to learn and improve. He seems determined to make it in the pros as well.

    Apparently Denver saw the same thing, and based on his intangibles made the deicsion to draft gim in the first round, in spite of what Kiper, McShay and the other assorted punditry was saying.
  5. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    But, "...intangibles will not help Tebow complete a pass or win a football game..."

    I want to rub that quote in my buddy's face. He is a die-hard Broncos fan and he hates Tebow. I hope Timmy proves my buddy wrong.
  6. O-town Gator

    O-town Gator Gator Fan

    Not only that, but I'd love to see Tim break the jinx on Florida QB's in the NFL. Had Rex Grossman led the Bears to a Super Bowl win in 2007, the monkey would have been off our back but he has too many peaks-and-valleys.
  7. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Me too. Tebow has made a believer out of me. Darn that guy for being so charismatic.
  8. InkedAdrenaline

    InkedAdrenaline VIP Member

    dunno but from some articles it sounds like denvers thinking of startin tebow...either way i believe he is smart enough to learn, adapt, and succeed!....Im really looking foward to being a new found broncos fan and following tebows career
  9. ShortBus

    ShortBus VIP Member

    so... more of a fan than you were of harvin? lol i still remember when u got all pissed at NO beating MN last year.. classic man.
  10. InkedAdrenaline

    InkedAdrenaline VIP Member

    what can i say man, i stay true to my gators, even thru their nfl careers....thats why I dont really have a fav nfl team. I more follow players....but n order for Tebow to succeed the team must succeed so GO BRONCOS!! lol
  11. GatorBa!t

    GatorBa!t Gator Fan

    i hope he doesnt start right away...i much rather see him slowly assimilated into the offense, im not saying im doubting him but i think he has the best quarterback coach in the league in McDaniels and if he coaches him up for the first year I think tebow will be much better off...im thinking put him in like they did in his freshman year at Florida
  12. InkedAdrenaline

    InkedAdrenaline VIP Member

    i dont think they will play him before he is ready...but we all know Tebow is dying to get in.....dunno what I would want to see more brroncs win sb with tebow on bench OR broncs go to playoffs(even if they lose the first game) with Tebow starting...DEF the SECOND CHOICE PUT HIM IN!!!!!! GO TEBOW/GATORS/BRONCOS!! lol

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