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Gators land graduate transfer DT Antonio Shelton from Penn State

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by Escambia94, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Shelton is a 6-foot-2, 327 pound interior lineman whose skill set, experience, and size will be a welcome addition to a defensive line losing Tederell Slaton and Kyree Campbell. Shelton will join Zachary Carter, Gervon Dexter, and Jalen Lee on next year’s defensive line.

    Antonio was originally a 3-star DL out of Westerville, Ohio. He made seven starts for the Nittany Lions in 2020, 12 in 2019, and 1 in 2018.
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  2. Leakfan12

    Leakfan12 VIP Member

    That's a good pickup
  3. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Check out the film study on the Penn State transfer, Antonio Shelton. It looks like the Gators are going to play more four down linemen or they will move one of the DTs to NT.
  4. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Lots of “big uglies”...more and MORE.
    “Only 3-stars”? No prob: We NEED ‘em. Let’s what Grantham can DO with ‘em!
    He’s there to turn Big Defensive backs and linesmen into play-busters and pass-rushers the way Mullen turns offense-athletes into star-receivers and step-up QBs! At least that’s the IDEA, right? At least, that was presumably why Coach KEPT him at least another season, I’m assuming...because that’s among his reputed strengths (?).
    Sure seemed so up through LAST year...
    “Not so MUCH” in 2020 though!
    This is a BIG year coming up for EVERYONE, especially on the coaching staff: Either it will be a (possibly sometimes bumpy and uneven, but overall) process of “slowly-but-surely-STEPPING-UP-progress” as we re-approach a National Championship-caliber quality program on an annual basis once more—or we take whatever steps are necessary to get ourselves ONTO that track again. We are CLOSE—and doubtless that IS our AIM!

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