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Gators in the USFL


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Tampa Bay Bandits

- Adam Shuler 0 DE West Virginia/ Florida

Houston Gamblers

- Mark Thompson 7 RB Dodge City CC/ Florida
- Nick Buchanan 66 OL Florida

Michigan Panthers

- Joseph Putu 14 CB Florida


Super Moderator
Staff member
Super Moderator
What do y'all really think of the play in the USFL so far? I mean, in order for non-gambmers to be wooed towards a spring pro-football-watching habit, you'd think it would take SOME combination of standard in rules, talent, and advancement in scheming of some kind in order for it to be successful. Personally, thus far I can't say it's been a standout product. And there appear to be just two franchises showing any real signs of life: New Jersey Generals and Birmingbam Stallions.
You're of course right to focus on the undrafted college grads who are signing on--they are the "secret weapon" by which teams might attract regional interest...but I suspect it'd take some wealthy owners waving money and a shot at local endorsement opportunities to attract some higher profile kids and really get that kind of "BUZZ" going before this league will do anything but peter out after a coupla seasons.
Or am I missing something? I could be completely wrong--Maybe I'm just not GETTING IT. Perhaps this thing can survive perfectly well as a sort of "post-graduate developmental league". (Maybe it will work out better in the long run here in Spring/Summer than it did in Europe.)


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Because of the HBC coaching Orlando
That definitely helps. I attended the game between Orlando Apollos and San Antonio Commanders and Right both coaches made it an interesting game with decent quality. Spurrier was clearly the best coach with the best team, but the Arizona Hot Shots were almost as good and were able to beat the Apollos. The USFL does not have teams that are as good or as entertaining as the AAF Apollos, Hot Shots, or even the Commanders.

Now that college football is evolving into a semi-professional league I no longer see a market for USFL or XFL.


VIP Member
I do like the USFL because the Bandits are back. I'm for the Tampa teams though I think the Rock will move the Vipers to Orlando. I would like to see the Bandits in person.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
It is hard to look at these Bandits and call it good football. Spurrier set an impossible standard to meet with his Bandits. These Bandits are barely at 0.500 this season and may finish that way with two games to go in the regular season.

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