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Gators in the Alliance of American Football

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by Escambia94, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    The AAF has quite a few former Gators as players and coaches:

    • Austin Appleby, QB, Orlando Apollos
      • Purdue 2012-2015
      • Florida 2016
      • Dallas Cowboys UFA 2017
    • Gerald Christian, TE, Arizona Hotshots
      • Florida 2010-2011
      • Louisville 2013-2014
      • Arizona Cardinals 7th round 2015-present
    • Josh Evans, S, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 2009-2012
      • Jacksonville Jaguars 6th round 2013-2016
    • Drew Ferris, LS, Orlando Apollos
      • San Jose State 2010
      • Florida 2010-2015
      • New York Jets UFA 2015
      • Seattle Seahawks 2016
      • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2018
    • Will Hill III, S, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 2008-2010
      • Arizona Rattlers (AFL) 2012, 2014
      • New York Giants 2012-2013
      • Baltimore Ravens 2014-2015
      • Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL) 2017
    • Willie Jackson, WR Coach, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 1990-1993
      • Dallas Cowboys 4th round 1994
      • Jacksonville Jaguars 1995-1997
      • Cincinatti Bengals 1998-1999
      • New Orleans Saints 2000-2001
      • Atlanta Falcons 2002
      • Washington Redskins 2002
      • Denver Broncos 2004
    • Earl Okine, DE, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 2009-2012
      • Houston Texans UFA 2013
      • Calgary Stampeders (CFL) 2013
      • Orlando Predators (AFL) 2014
      • Brooklyn Bolts (FXFL) 2014
      • Indianapolis Colts 2015
      • Kansas City Chiefs 2016-2017
      • Arizona Cardinals 2017
    • Leon Orr, DT, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 2011-2014
      • Oakland Raiders UFA 2015
      • Miami Dolphins 2016
    • Ronald Powell, LB, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 2010-2013
      • New Orleans Saints 5th round 2014
      • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2015
      • Chicago Bears 2016
      • Seattle Seahawks 2016
    • Cody Riggs, CB, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 2010-2013
      • Notre Dame 2014
      • Tennesee Titans UFA 2015-2016
      • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016-2017
    • Lito Sheppard, S coach, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 1999-2001
      • Philadelphia Eagles 1st round 2002-2008
      • New York Jets 2009
      • Minnesota Vikings 2010
      • Oakland Raiders 2011
    • Steve Spurrier, Head Coach, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 1963-1966
      • San Francisco 49ers 1st round 1967-1975
      • Tamp Bay Buccaneers 1976
      • Florida QB/WR coach 1978
      • Georgia Tech QB coach 1979
      • Duke OC/QB coach 1980-1982
      • Tampa Bay Bandits (USFL) head coach 1983-1985
      • Duke head coach 1987-1989
      • Florida head coach 1990-2001
      • Washington Redskins head coach 2002-2003
      • South Carolina head coach 2005-2015
    • Kelvin Taylor*
    • Chris Thompson, WR, Orlando Apollos
      • Florida 2013-2016
      • Houston Texas UFA 2017-2018
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  2. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    As I have noted myself previously, one of the cleverer, more attractive aspects of the way the AAF has been put together from the start is manifested in the various ways the teams have been put together in a manner which reflects regional COLLEGE loyalties and affiliations.
    Note the word "various" here: These "ways" range from the obvious and literal, as in the case of the Orlando team (Steve Spurrier lured from "retirement" to fulfill his still-enthusiasticly valid offensive philosophies--and not even required to withdraw from his ongoing formal Gator ties to do so--with a team dominated by (STATE of)Florida-connected players, former-Gators in particular most numerous of all upon its innaugural roster), to less direct and/or obvious relationships that are nonetheless solidly there, upon examination (see my previous posts of roughly a week ago that draw these connections in detail: While less blatant than the Apollos' efforts to repeat Spurrier's earlier USFL success in Tampa, all ARE similarly, consciously designed I think to get a boost, a "running start" if you will in terms of physical crowds and TV ratings. It remains to be seen if that, plus the evolving quality of play, will be enoigh to carry them forward with sufficient enthusiasm.
    The various rules-changes have no doubt so far succeeeded in "juicing up" the pace of play, garnering both fan and critics' approval here in the early going.
    Personally, while attracted by the "Florida-factor" in particular, and yes, "interested" in those further connections I refer again to above, I expect it will be the overall ongoing "quality of play", how "fun" we find the "flow of play" to watch, that will decide things, determine how many of us are still watching AT ALL by the end of this whirlwind "experiment" of a season.
    Playing to the "edge of chaos", fast-paced barely-controlled aspects of the game, all rushing by, along with that factional regionalism AND a certain tired impatience with the more and more ploddingly "decreed-from-on-high" NFL rules, appear to be the key aspects upon which success or failure were wagered here.
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  3. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    I watched the Orlando Apollos vs San Antonio Commanders in person. The game feels like an NFL game, except the players are regionally recognizable, like the college game. I think there were just under 28,000 in attendance for this game, but I hear it did not get TV exposure due to competition with the PGA.

    The AAF might survive if the NFL supports it as a development league, and maybe pressures CBS or ESPN to carry games on TV.
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  4. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    "Yes" to several points here:
    Last first: My impression is that explicit or not, "developmental league" (in truth a kind of "hybrid/bridge" between the NFL and perhaps some future version of a pay-for-play "Major College League" that until now the NCAA has come to unfairly exploit its talent at what amounts to ridiculously discounted rates.
    Meanwhile, you're right about the limited accessibility of last night's Orlando/San Antonio game--baffling insofar as it was this weekends highest profile and most-attractive game, btw--I WAS able, with much effort (searching and fiddling with the various overlapping apps and services I have cobbled together of late) to stream the 2nd half, but that was by a rather convoluted route only made possible by a rather unique combination of those very "obscure apps and services"--AND complex, interrelated online accesses.
    Damn shame, too, because you're right:
    Though still somewhat "rough around the edges" (or maybe at least partly BECAUSE of that?), that very quality you describe of an NFL game (albeit more like a hyped up version of one from 20 years ago), "more like the college game" where "the players are recognizeable", etc...All in all, making it down to actually SEE that game was a good call. That 2nd half was a blast, from the POV of a Florida/SS fan; I envy you.
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