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Gator Sports: Regardless of record-setting scoring, Gators offensive line remains a work in progress


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After Saturday’s showing, Mullen put the speculation to rest, saying the addition of an experienced offensive lineman was high on the team’s list of priorities.

“We still need to hit the road recruiting, because we are not complete at that position yet for this season,” Mullen said of the outlook regarding UF’s offensive line."

Well, clearly the O-LINE is the one area that is still a question mark--the "work in progress", as you say. Some of the parts may already be there--but they'll take time, training and practice to fill out, hook up and grow together...AND: Look for an ongoing effort to add at least a coupla more pieces in the person of "grad transfers", lets face it.
SO: That, and Franks' true progress thus far, were the questions still lingering after last Saturday. A certain amount of the LATTER issue was positively firmed up, though: A confident, accurate leader stepped up under center out there--and it was Franks, for sure and by far. Emory Jones shows all the skills Mullen and Co. will eventually be able to build a streamlined, specifically-designed offense around for '20 and beyond--but right now, heading into 2019 Filipe Franks is clearly coming of age and seemingly coming into his own with a full grasp of and facility with the current Mullen playbook. We gotta hope that THAT is indeed thoroughly the case, and will only grow: The young man I saw out there for that Spring Game displayed the skills necessary to exploit what is more than ever a diverse and explosive mix of talented playmakers.
If we can now manage a certain amount of reliable and competent depth along the O-line, give him that "extra second or so" he's been lacking on pass plays too much of the time last coupla years, well, that and our plethora of skilled backs will together likely be able to get hot and score from anywhere: fast or steady--pick your poison...Take some pressure off Grantham's defenses some of the time. That could make all the difference in the world in our record by end of the regular season.

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