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Gator Grads: Summer 2019 Edition

Discussion in 'Gator Lounge & General Discussion' started by Escambia94, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    33 different Gator student-athletes participated in commencement ceremonies in the O'Dome, including 6 football players (including one PhD):

    • Stephen Alli PhD – Counseling Education
    • Ryan Farr Master – Management
    • Josh Hammond Telecommunications
    • Andrew Ivie Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (cum laude)
    • Rayshad Jackson African American Studies
    • Kylan Johnson Telecommunications
    • Kyle Trask Sport Management
    Nelson Maldonado Baseball Anthropology
    Keith Stone Men's Basketball African American Studies
    Funda Nakkasoglu Women's Basketball Master – Management
    Zada Williams Women's Basketball African American Studies
    Gordon Neale Men's Golf Economics
    Alicia Boren Gymnastics Women's Studies
    Chelsea Herndon Softball Master – Sports Management
    Lily Mann Softball Health Education and Behavior
    Theresa Swertfager Softball Elementary Education
    Shelley Lyle Soccer Master – Sports Management
    Sarah Troccoli Soccer Master – Sports Management
    Alex Lebed Men's Swimming Anthropology
    Stanley Wu Men's Swimming Health Education and Behavior
    Hannah Burns Women's Swimming Health Education and Behavior
    Abby Howell Women's Diving Telecommunications
    Amelia Maughan Women's Swimming Psychology & Anthropology
    KeAndre Bates Men's Track & Field African American Studies
    Kyren Hollis Men's Track & Field African American Studies
    AJ McFarland Men's Track & Field Master – Management
    Chris Olson Men's Track & Field Family, Youth and Community Sciences
    Christian Taylor Men's Track & Field Sport Management
    Elisabeth Bergh Women's Track & Field Management
    Lauren Brasure Women's Track & Field Sociology
    Delaney Tiernan Women's Track & Field Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
    Rachael Kramer Volleyball Marketing
    Allie Monserez Volleyball Master – Entrepreneurship

    Congratulations to the Gator graduates!

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