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Freshman LB Diwun Black failed to academically qualify, will transfer to JUCO

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by Escambia94, May 14, 2019.

  1. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Diwun Black failed to academically qualify for enrollment at the University of Florida and will attempt to rejoin the Gators in January 2021.

    Diwun grew up in Mississippi, and moved to Florida in order to increase his chances of getting into a school like UF. Dan Mullen and the Gator Nation wish Diwun nothing but the best in his attempt to rejoin the team!
  2. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Step by step, this is turning into one of the worst off-seasons in recent memory for our Gators. The latest bs with Petrine takes the cake: Even the prosecutor has said publicly that the “administrative arrest may well be without merit”...but the bad or, continued erosion of this and subsequent recruiting classes is difficult to fathom—an apparent combo of poor luck, worse timing and horrendous judgement coming out on a near daily basis...My concerns are many—but above all I figure we just need to survive and weather this time—and the sooner we get to late-summer the better!
  3. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    I tend to disagree. In 2017 we lost nine players, with two of them having a lot of starting experience. Check out the amount of veteran production we lost:
    • Antonio Callaway: 26 games, 1,399 yards receiving, 8 total touchdowns
    • Jordan Scarlett: 22 games, 1,060 yards rushing, 14 total touchdowns
    • Keivonnis Davis: 17 games, 9 tackles
    • Richard Desir-Jones: 2 games
    • Ventrell Miller: n/a
    • Rick Wells: n/a
    • Kadeem Telfort: n/a
    • James Houston IV: n/a
    • Jordan Smith: n/a
    By the time the Gators faced Texas A&M in October 2017, almost 25% of the roster was suspended or injured. Here is who we lost to injury (some played injured out of necessity):
    • Luke Del Rio
    • Tyrie Cleveland
    • James Robinson
    • Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
    • Kadarius Toney
    • Brett Heggie
    • Nick Washington
    Keep in mind that earlier in the year we had already lost the following for some or all of the season:
    • Kyle Trask
    • Marcell Harris
    • Jeremiah Moon
    • Jordan Sherit
    • Joseph Putu
    • Moral Stephens
    • Camrin Knight
    • DeAndre Goolsby
    2013 looked about the same as 2017, so there is no need to rehash that. Now let us compare to what we have lost in 2019:
    • Jalon Jones: zero production in 0 years
    • Chris Steele: zero production in 0 years
    • Daquon Green: zero production in 1 year
    • TJ McCoy: played as reserve in 11 games over 2 years
    • Antonneous Clayton: played as reserve in 17 games over 3 years, with 11 tackles total
    • Malik Langham: played as a reserve in 1 game, with 1 tackle
    • Kylan Johnson: played as reserve in 26 games over 2 years, with 26 tackles total
    To be determined:
    • Lamical Perine: There is still a possibility that this case will be dismissed or the punishment vacated. If he is suspended, it will likely be for one game.
    • Brian Edwards: This case is still under review, but I would imagine he will get a one game suspension due to the crime being labeled a misdemeanor. Even then, Edwards is a reserve player with 7 tackles in one year.
    Sure, it looks embarrassing, but it could always be worse. The losses so far in 2019 amount to nothing, especially considering the way free agency is becoming rampant.
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  4. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Believe me, E—, I hope you are right. And I do agree that from a current and near-term practical point-of-view, our losses haven’t been that huge. Frankly, I’m not sure which part(s) of my post you disagree with, exactly. My real point, and the part that continues to concern me, is the convergence of bad news—especially the degree to which such a large portion of a hopeful and much-ballyhooed recruiting effort has been eroded to such a degree, in the manner in which it has. Does it not concern you? I’m at a loss by now to understand whether “bad luck”, “the society and times we live in”, or WHAT are at work here. Neither coaches nor anyone or anything is likely to do differently once these young men get here is likely to effectively change their basic sense of values, honor and decency—so for us it is only in how things are dealt with after-the fact that we are left with. I’m not sure which part of all that you found issue with, my friend.
    But there is something else here I know IS debatable, a potential arguing point: As I have offered (vented?) elsewhere, I DO suspect what standard of behavior and attitude our community holds not just for these players but how they are viewed and treated by supposedly responsible and well-meaning “authorities” IS a factor here, it seems—and those folks ARE REPRESENTATIVES OF OURS. From top (the ones who set policy--official AND unwritten) to bottom (towtruck drivers, for example), they are public figures: we know who they are and, directly or indirectly, we have a certain amount of control over them—if not their actual behavior, then at the very least their continued paid presence in our community. Perhaps it is time to take a closer look at all of that?
    I welcome debate on any or all of these points...I admit not even I am sure how much of all this I say now is just an emotional reaction brought on by worry and frustration; I do my best to be self-honest, but I suppose this last part is part of a feeling that has been growing for years with respect to the contrast between how our players have fared at the hands of local authorities and citizens, as compared to how it is elsewhere. I’m not in favor of the “give them a complete slide” apparent in a place like Tuscaloosa (or to a great extent in our state’s Capitol, while I’m on the subject), but it all too often has seemed our guys have been getting chewed up in a “make an example of them” policy.
    Look, anyone who cares to tear pieces off me in disagreement is welcome to do so...but it took a lot, in examples over time, for me to even come out with this here.
  5. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    The summary is that compared to other bad news, this week was not bad at all. It just looks bad, because there were lots of small stories occurring on different days. In the end, those small stories have little impact. That was not a bad week.
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  6. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    OK—I’ll buy that—“...in the name of hope...” It is certainly true that Finebaum and the like (lately the swarming hordes of UGA trolls that Finebaum himself has begun to sound like) have seized upon all this as some kind of “karmic balance” visited upon our Head Coach for his (mostly playful) fanning of the cross-border rivalry...Paul oughtta stick to the Tide-apologist role he has come to be mostly known for nowadays. Fat chance, I suppose.

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