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Former Gator Kyle Pitts named to Pro Bowl


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Congrats to him, surprised though because he only has one touchdown so far.
Yeah—I mean, I KNEW we’d be seeing him in this role, soon and often...but hadn’t gotten the impression he’d even had enough exposure/opportunity in his first season to get the recognition I felt would inevitably be coming his way eventually.
Then again, I don’t follow the No Fun League the way I once did...Though I do try and follow the general progress of outstanding Gator alumni, as I say in BOTH “Kyle”s’ cases I hadn’t picked up enough “background buzz” in the ongoing season’s sports news to get a real feel that such recognition was yet forthcoming in EITHER case.
But in Pitts’ case, I knew it would be coming, sooner or later, with near certainty.
If he stays healthy, he will leave his mark.


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In fairness, I think Keyshawn Johnson went to the Pro Bowl one year only getting one touchdown.
Good point. For an NFL receiver, 1 TD is bad. For a tight end, 1 TD used to be considered a lot. Nowadays with hybrid TE/WR-Y/H-back position the number of TDs is not as important. Even in older NFL offenses that were run-based, 1 TD for a wide receiver might be a bit low. In college run-based offenses, the WR-X position is expected to have most of the TDs and WR-Z is either the small, quick receiver getting a quick pass or is a large, blocking receiver along with the WR-Y position.