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Florida NIL and Boosters


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Right now the Florida Gators have a few options in the new NIL and booster wars. Florida has always had a rather large alumni base donating to the school and getting their names on buildings. Now in the era of NIL the boosters can choose to donate to the university and get their names on buildings though Gator Boosters, or they can join the group of rich boosters also donating directly to the athletes through Gator Guard. The rest of us who are not millionaires can donate to Gator Collective as a way to put money in the pockets of our favorite players.

Hugh Hathcock donated $12.6M to Gator Boosters and will have the practice basketball facility named after him. He also started the Gator Guard to encourage fellow wealthy investors and it raised nearly $5M in 48 hours. The Gator Collective was valued at $5M a few weeks ago at last count after raising $100k in three weeks in the early days.

Last year the Gators were outside the top 10 in terms of overall program NIL valuation, but things could be changing this year as real money begins to flow in. Last year’s top 10:
1. Alabama
2. Notre Dame
3. Nebraska
4. LSU
5. Ohio State
6. Clemson
7. Texas
8. Georgia
9. Oklahoma
10. USC

Each of these programs has fared differently in terms of actual funding raised and made available to players versus valuations calculated based on different metrics. I expect to see Florida in the top 10 in terms of funds raised for the program. Hathcock’s $12.6M Gator Booster donation is the largest single donation amongst all NCAA programs so far. The Gator Guard’s raising of $4M overnight is also a record. As long as the fanbase consistently funds the Gator Collective at that $5M level it should keep Florida competitive in the NIL wars.

Florida has over 440,000 alumni, which is #14 in the nation and is ranked #44 in terms of alumni donations. The UF Alumni Association reports that between 17,000 and 20,000 alumni donate to the school from year to year.
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