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Florida Gators 2015 Recruiting Class


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Here is the 2015 recruiting class, which is Coach Mac's first. The class is ranked #21 in the country.

This class had 2 five-star, 6 four-star, and 12 three-star athletes. This class had 6 transfers (2 four-stars and 4 three-stars) and a graduate transfer plus a medical retirement (three-star).

QB - 0
WR - 2
TE - 3
RB - 3
OT - 4
OG - 2
DE - 5
DT - 0
LB - 1
CB - 1
S - 1
ST - 1

  1. OT Tyler Jordan 6-4 270 Bishop Kenny HS, Jacksonville, FL. 2/22/14 3*
    • Graduated December 2018
  2. TE/DE Camrin Knight 6-4 220 Lincoln HS, Tallahassee, FL. 2/26/14 3*
    • Transferred April 2016
  3. DE Andrew Ivie 6-3 260 Pasco HS, Dade City, FL. 6/29/14. 3*
    • Medical exemption April 2016
  4. WR/TE Kalif Jackson 6-5 197 Duncan Fletcher HS, Neptune Beach, FL. 7/29/14. 3* EE
    • Graduated December 2017
    • Graduate transfer to Grambling 2018
  5. OG Brandon Sandifer 6-4 329 Northside HS, Warner Robbins GA. 8/13/14. 4*
    • Transferred Georgia State March 2017
  6. TE Daniel Imatorbehebe 6-4 227 North Gwinett HS Suwanee, GA 3* EE
    • Transferred USC 2015
  7. LB Rayshad Jackson 6-1 205 Norland HS, Miami, FL. 3*. Transferred to UNLV 2019.
  8. DE Jabari Zuniga 6-3 255 Sprayberry HS, Marietta, GA. 4*. 2020 NFL Draft, 3rd round, New York Jets.
  9. OG Richard Desir Jones 6-3 292 St Thomas Aquinas HS, Ft Lauderdale, FL. 3*
    • Suspended 9/1/2017 (credit card fraud)
    • Transfer 1/22/2018 Coffeyville CC, Kansas
  10. OT Fredrick Johnson 6-8 285 Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL. 4*
  11. DE Luke Ancrum 6-5 230. Sebring High School, Sebring FL. 2*
  12. RB Jordan Scarlett 5-11 205. St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Fort Lauderdale FL. 4*
    • Suspended 9/1/2017 (credit card fraud)
    • Rejoined the team in 2018
    • 2019 NFL Draft, 5th round, Carolina Panthers.
  13. LS/TE Jacob Tilghman 6-3 220. Mainland High School. Daytona Beach FL. Walk-on Commitment (does not count against signing of 25 max on NSD or the 85 scholarship cap).
  14. OT Martez Ivey 6-5 275 Apopka HS, Apopka, FL. 5*
    • Graduated December 2018 (African American Studies)
    • Listed at 6-5 306 lbs for NFL scouts
    • Freshman All-SEC 2015
  15. ATH/RB Jordan Cronkrite 5-11 198 Westminster Christian, Miami, FL 4*
    • Transferred to USF April 2017
  16. RB D'Anfernee McGriff 6-1 230 Tallahassee Leon, Tallahassee, FL 4*
    • Flipped from Auburn. Did not academically qualify for enrollment at Florida. Went to JuCo, then went to FAU.
  17. WR Antonio Callaway 5-11 185 Booker T Washington, Miami, FL 3*
    • Suspended 9/1/2017 (potential drug test failure)
    • UDFA 2018 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns
  18. CB Chris Williamson 6-1 190 Gainesville, Gainesville, GA 3*
    • Transferred July 2017
  19. SDE Keivonnis Davis 6-4 227 Miami Central, Miami, FL 3*
    • Suspended 9/1/2017 (credit card fraud)
    • Injured after suspension
    • Reinstated 2018, but dismissed after failing drug test
  20. S Kylan Johnson 6-3 202 Skyline, Dallas, TX 3*
  21. OT Nick Buchanan 6-4 280 Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA 3*
  22. SDE CeCe Jefferson 6-2 275 Baker County, Glen Saint Mary, FL 5*
  • QB Anderson Proctor 6-3 209 St Edward's, Vero Beach, FL (walk-on, spring 2015)
  • WR Da'Vante Phillips 6-1 189 Miami Central HS, Miami, FL 7/26/2013 commitment, 12/24/2013 decommitment (after Joker Phillips' departure). 4*.
    • FSU. Arrested August 2017 for credit card fraud.
  • WR Deondre Farrier 6-2 190 Lake Nona HS, Orlando, FL. 2/21/2014 commitment, 7/21 decommitment. 3*.
    • ECU. Has 400 yards in two years.
  • DB Deontai Williams 6-1 185 Jacksonville Trinity Christian School, Jacksonville FL. 1/9/2014 commitment, 7/21/2014 decommitment. 3*.
    • Junior college.
  • WR Tristan Payton 6-1 180 First Coast HS, Jacksonville, FL. 2/24/2014 commitment 3*.
    • UCF. 400 yards in 2 years.
  • CB Marcus Lewis 6-2 180 of Gonzaga College HS, Washington, DC. 4*. 4/17/2014 commitment, 7/28/2014 decommitment. 4*
  • WR Jalen Julius 5-11 175 of West Orange HS, Winter Garden FL. 3*. 4/30/2014 commitment, 7/27/2014 decommitment. 3*
  • QB Sheriron Jones 6-2 192 Rancho Verde HS, Moreno Valley, CA. 6/8/14. 4*
    • Committed to Tennessee in 2015, then transferred to Colorado at end of season.
  • OT George Brown 6-6 260 Winton Woods HS, Cincinnati, OH. 7/25/14. 3*
  • OLB Jerome Baker 6-1 205 Benedictine HS, Cleveland, OH. 7/11/14. 4*
  • OLB Adonis Thomas 6-4 220 Central Gwinnett HS, Lawrenceville, GA. 8/1/14. 4*
Last minute flips away from Florida:
  • OT Mike Horton 3* - Auburn
  • WR Derek Dillon 3* - LSU
  • SDE Byron Cowart 5* - Auburn
  • WR Ryan Davis 4* - Auburn
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Add in that QB--another "best prep-quarterback in his class (in this case, 2015)" QB (just committed, verbally at least) that we have lately been collecting--to little on-field advantage, thus far.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Here are some of the confirmed names that will Florida this Saturday on Junior Day.

  • Offensive lineman Abdul Bello
  • Linebacker Adonis Thomas
  • Offensive lineman Brendan Loftus
  • Defensive end Byron Cowart
  • Defensive lineman CeCe Jefferson
  • H-Back Chandler Cox
  • Quarterback D’Andernee McGriff
  • Athlete Demetris Robertson
  • Athlete Deon Cain
  • Receiver Deondre Farrier
  • Quarterback Deondre Francois
  • Safety Deontai Williams committed 2/21/2014
  • Receiver George Campbell
  • Running back Jacques Patrick
  • Cornerback Jaquan Johnson
  • Athlete Jaylin Hayward
  • Linebacker Jeffrey Holland
  • Athlete Jovon Durante
  • Offensive lineman Martez Ivey
  • Receiver Naquan Howard
  • Linebacker Natrez Patrick
  • Receiver Ny’Quan Murray
  • Athlete P.J. Simmons
  • Athlete P.J. Hambrick
  • Running back Ray Ray McCloud
  • Safety Ronnie Harrison
  • Athlete Ryan Davis
  • Running back T.J. Simmons
  • Cornerback Tarvarus McFadden
  • Linebacker Tevon Coney
  • Quarterback Torrance Gibson
  • Quarterback Tucker Israel
  • Safety Victor Alexander
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Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gators picked up three commitments from Junior Day this weekend.
  1. WR Deondre Farrier 6-2 190 Lake Nona High School, Orlando, FL. 2/21/2014 commitment 3*
  2. OT Tyler Jordan 6-4 270 Bishop Kenny High School, Jacksonville, FL. 2/22/2014 commitment 3*
  3. WR Tristan Payton 6-1 180 First Coast High School, Jacksonville, FL. 2/24/2014 commitment 3*


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And the parade marches on: Man, things continue this way and hold up, we've got an even better class in 2015 than THIS year--and more I examine the '14 haul, the more I am certain "That's sayin' somethin'!". There'll be no excuses about our depth and/or talent-level in the seasons ahead, not if there's ANYTHING to the ratings and advance word and highlight reels etc etc etc--it's all on coaching now, I figure. OK, last year saw "the Perfect Storm" of ill-timed injuries relentlessly piling up as the season went along, we seemed snake-bit from the start, but with so many of those guys coming back, the high number of high-caliber recruits coming in, and what we're seeing developing for next year, this SHOULD be a strong "come-back year" for us (I don't want to even HOPE for more, let alone publicly predict it, with so much still unknown and unproven regarding this team, staff and overall psyche going into 2014) putting us in position for a full on, we-expect-no-less-than-a-Championship run in 2015.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
I agree. The Gators had better pull from behind to haul in a top-10 class. This illustrates why the Gators need to come storming out of the gates early. They need to impress the recruits and convince them that last year was a fluke.


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I agree. The Gators had better pull from behind to haul in a top-10 class. This illustrates why the Gators need to come storming out of the gates early. They need to impress the recruits and convince them that last year was a fluke.

Know it's early, but Rivals has our 2015 class ranked 35th in the nation. That certainly won't get it done.
Y'all read that recent Bleacher Report article that has us one of the "Six Teams Struggling on the 2015 Recruiting Trail"? Now, a certain amount of this is 'cause of all those de-commits we've racked up of late--and I'm not sure, with the way most of these kids are "playing the process" for greater attention, higher profile, better-then-3-star ratings, and maybe "a better deal" somewhere--but it's been a worrisome trend, though all pretty early.
I'm with you both: All the more reason to see us put pedal-to-medal (again: "Turn Roper, and Driskel, loose, Will!") right from the start this season. We have got to be that UF "always in the mix" program again if we are to grab our share, as you say...and let's face it, these young men and their families are ultimately making a commitment to thje program, staff and specifically the promise/likelihood that a certain person or persons are going to BE here in the years to come: The fewer questions there are regarding whether any of those coaches will still be here, the better the class will be. For that, we gotta start and KEEP winning--the more convincingly the better.


Gator Fan
Here is the list from Rivals. We are only 2 behind that perennial powerhouse Cincinnati.
#3South Carolina28015133.542407
#6Penn State2001283.62191
#7Texas A&M1901173.532134
#8Florida State1911083.632127
#11Mississippi State2805213.111920
#12Miami (FL)2006143.31761
#13Notre Dame1707103.411672
#14Ohio State160693.311615
#19West Virginia1805113.171363
#20Georgia Tech1900182.951335
#26North Carolina1404103.291252
#28Wake Forest2101102.571230
#30Virginia Tech1603123.131226
#31Boston College2300162.71215
#36Michigan State1302113.151119
#37Oklahoma State1302113.151108
#43 Florida11047


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Yep--we're in trouble here...
(Always happens this way when "the rats desert the sinking ship")


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Here are the 2015 and 2016 recruits' reactions to the firing of Will Muschamp: http://www.gatorcountry.com/feature/florida-gators-prospects-react-muschamps-firing/

Commitments still solid:
  • OL Brandon Sandifer
  • OL Tyler Jordan
  • OL George Brown
  • TE Kalif Jackson
Targets still interested
  • WR K.J. Hill (Arkansas commit)
  • OL Martez Ivey
Targets on the fence:
  • RB Jordan Scarlett (Miami commit)
  • DE CeCe Jefferson
  • WR Ryan Davis
  • TE Daniel Imatorbhehe
  • WR Van Jefferson (Georgia commit)
  • DE Byron Cowart
  • ATH Deon Cain (Clemson commit)
  • RB Ray Ray McCloud
Targets probably out of the mix now:
  • TE Devonaire Clarington
  • OL Emmanuel McGirt
  • WR Auden Tate (FSU commit)


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Not that anyone is really watching, but I removed the decommitments. As of 1/11/2015 we have 7 hard commitments, 1 early enrollee. Coaches can talk to recruits again on 1/15. This would be the best time to make a play for the following targets:
  • Cece Jefferson SDE Glen St Mary, FL Baker County 6'2" 275 5* (Auburn lean)
  • Byron Cowart SDE Seffner, FL Armwood 6'4" 250 5* (Auburn lean)
  • Martez Ivey OT Apopka, FL Apopka 6'5.5" 275 5* (Auburn or Florida)
  • Jerome Baker RB/OLB Cleveland, OH Benedictine 6'2" 203 4* (Ohio St commit)
  • Jeffery Holland OLB Jacksonville, FL Trinity 6'2" 230 4* (Auburn lean)
  • Antonio Callaway WR Miami, FL Booker T Washington 5'11" 185 3* (Florida lean)
  • Deondre Francois QB Orlando, FL IMG Academy 6'1" 195 4* (FSU lean)
  • Ryan Davis WR St Petersburg, FL Lakewood 5'9.5" 167 4* (FSU or Florida)


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
I'm watching and it's looking like we have a very tough row to hoe.

Yes. We are going to see from the other side how good Muschamp recruits defense. More than likely he will grab "the big 3" of Jefferson, Cowart, and Ivey from right under our noses. Cowart seems like a good kid, so I hope the Gators can grab him.


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I don't know where else to put this on "Championship Night", but in light of E-'s comment above:
In the "Just When We Were Feeling Better" Department, it just seems the rotten-cherry on top of what was (at least right up until coaching hires) a lousy season full of bad news, it's capped off with an Urban Meyer team going to and winning the first National Championship playoff game. It's gonna take real thick skin and a certain "tactical navigation" of off-season media to avoid the virtual orgy of "Liar-worship", at least for awhile. Me, my head's goin' right into the Gators-only sand for the next coupla months, at least.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
@DRU2012 Pat Dooley has a nice article on why we should forgive Urban Meyer and move on. Mike Bianchi has a nice article that says "thank you Urban and Shelley Meyer, you are welcome to visit when we put Meyer in the Ring of Honor, but Urban is still a douche".

@miltongator I see conflicting reports. If it turns out to be true, then I will be happy.

Back on topic: I only predict 12-15 in this class, but some recruiting services predict about 20. Hopefully they know something I do not.

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