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Early Look at the 2021 Depth Chart and Potential NFL Draft Picks in 2022


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gators had 8 athletes selected in the 2021 NFL Draft, with at least 2 undrafted free agents. Out of those 8 athletes selected, 3 were on defense. The Gators will probably not send 8 athletes to the 2022 draft, but they will likely have 3 athletes taken from defense, with 2 possible undrafted free agents.

  1. TR-RJR OLB Brenton Cox 6-4 245 of University of Georgia by way of Stockbridge High School, Stockbridge, GA. 5-star.
  2. TR-RSR DT Daquan Newkirk 6-3 317 of Auburn University by way of Mississippi Gulf Coast CC and The First Academy, Orlando, FL. 4-star.
  3. RJR Andrew Chatfield, Jr. 6-2 248. American Heritage HS. Plantation, FL. 4-star.
  4. RSO DL Lloyd Summerall. 6-5 220. Lakeland HS. Lakeland, FL 4-star.
  5. SO WDE Antwaun Powell 6-3 235 I.C. Norcrom, Portsmouth, Virginia. 4-star.
  6. FR WDE Jeremiah "Scooby" Williams 6-3 224, Ramsay, Birmingham, AL, 4-star.
  7. FR DE Tyreak Sapp 6-2 255. St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 4-star.
  8. FR DE Justus Boone 6-5 250. Sumter High School. Sumter, South Carolina. 3-star.
  1. SR WDE Antwaun Powell 6-3 235 I.C. Norcrom, Portsmouth, Virginia. 4-star.
  2. RFR DT Jaelin Humphries 6-3 303. Mountainview HS. Lawrenceville, GA. 4-star.
  3. FR DT Desmond Watson 6-5 350 of Armwood High School. Seffner, Florida. 3-star.
- SR Tedarrell Slaton 6-5 340 American Heritage. Fort Lauderdale, FL. 4-star. (Green Bay Packers, Round 5)
- SR Kyree Campbell 6-4 320 Woodbridge HS. Woodbridge, VA. 3-star. (UDFA)
- RSR Marlon Dunlap 6-3 285. West Charlotte HS. Charlotte, NC. 3-star. (UDFA)

DT/BUCK (3 technique DT/ LB hybrid)
  1. RSR OLB Jeremiah Moon 6-4 205 Hoover HS, Birmingham AL. 4-star.
  2. RSR Zachary Carter 6-4 290. Hillsborough HS. Tampa, FL. 4-star.
  3. TR-SR DT Antonio Shelton 6-3 280. Penn State University by way of Westerville North HS, Westerville, OH. 3-star.
  4. JR Khris Bogle 6-4 240. Cardinal Gibbons. Fort Lauderdale, FL. 4-star.
  5. RJR David Reese 6-2 240. Vero Beach HS. Fort Pierce, FL. 3-star.
  6. SR DT Jaelin Humphries 6-3 303. Mountainview HS. Lawrenceville, GA. 4-star.
  7. FR DT Christopher Thomas 6-5 280. Dunbar High School. Fort Myers, Florida. 3-star.
  1. SR LB Amari Burney 6-2 230. Calvary Christian HS. St. Petersburg, FL. 3-star.
  2. JR OLB Mohamoud Diabate 6-4 215. Auburn HS. Auburn, Alabama. 4-star.
  3. RSR DT Lamar Goods 6-4 290 St Thomas Moore HS, Oakdale, Connecticut. 4-star.
  4. RSO OLB Tyron Hopper 6-2 205. Roswell HS. Roswell, GA. 4-star.
  5. TR-JR SDE/OLB Noah Keeter 6-5 225 of University of California Los Angeles by way of Buchholz HS, Gainesville, FL, 3-star. (preferred walk-on)
  6. FR OLB Chief Borders 6-3 231. McEachern High School. Powder Springs, Georgia. 4-star.
  1. TR-JR OLB Diwun Black 6-4 226. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College by way of Osceola High School, Kissimmee, Florida. Perkinson, Mississippi. 4-star.
  2. RSR Ventrell Miller 6-1 230. Kathleen HS. Lakeland, FL. 3-star.
  3. SO Derek Wingo 6-1 233. St. Thomas Aquinas HS. Fort Lauderdale, FL. 4-star.
  4. RJR TE Dante Lang 6-5 220 Boca Raton HS, Boca Raton FL. 3-star
  5. RSR Lacedrick Brunson LB 6'2" 210 Jackson Miami, FL. 2-star.
  6. RSO OLB Jesiah Pierre 6-2 220. Christian Home Bible School. Mount Dora, FL 3-star.
TRANSFER OUT: RJR James Houston IV 6-1 240. American Heritage HS. Fort Lauderdale, FL. 3-star.

  1. SO CB Ethan Pouncey 6-1 160 Winter Park HS, Winter Park, FL 4-star.
  2. FR ATH Charles Montgomery 5-10 185. Armwood High School. Seffner, Florida. 4-star.
- RJR CB Marco Wilson CB 6'0" 180 American Heritage Plantation FL. 4-star. (Arizona Cardinals, round 4)

  1. JR CB Kaiir Elam 6-1 185. The Benjamin School. North Palm Beach, FL 4-star.
  2. JR CB Jaydon Hill 6-0 174. Bob Jones HS. Madison, AL. 4-star.
  1. SO CB Jahari Rodgers 6-0 170 Arlington HS, Arlington, TX. 4-star.
  2. JR CB Chester Kimbrough 5-11 170. Warren Easton HS. New Orleans, LA. 4-star.
  3. RSR CB Christopher McWilliams 6-0 170 Southwest Miami Senior HS, Miami FL. 3-star.
  4. CB Jason Marshall 6-2 180 of Palmetto High School. Miami, FL. 5-star.
  5. ATH Kamar Wilcoxson 6-2 185 of IMG Academy. Bradenton, Florida. 4-star.
  1. SR DB Trey Dean 6-2 180 Dutchtown HS, Hampton, GA. 4-star.
  2. SR CB Brad Stewart 6'0" 194 McDonogh New Orleans, LA. 4-star.
  3. RSR DB Quincy Lenton 6-0 195 Meridan HS, Meridian MS. 3-star.
  4. SO Mordecai McDaniel 6-1 207 6-1 207. St John's Academy. Washington, DC. 4-star.
  5. FR S Dakota Mitchell 6-0 184. Winter Park High School. Winter Park, Florida. 3-star.
  1. SO S Rashad Torrence 6-1 195. Marietta HS. Marietta, GA. 4-star.
  2. FR S Corey Collier 6-2 170 of Palmetto High School. Miami, FL. 4-star.
  3. FR S Donovan McMillon 6-2 193 Peters Township HS, Canonsburg, PA. 4-star.
NFL Draft
- SR DB Shawn Davis 6'0" 185 Southridge Miami FL. 4-star. (Indianapolis Colts, round 5)
- SR DB Donovan Stiner 6'2" 185 Bellaire Bellaire, TX. 3-star. (UDFA, Pittsburgh Steelers)

  • K GR-SR Jace Christmann 6'0" 195 Mississippi State University by way of Memorial HS, Houston, TX.
  • K RS SO Chris Howard 6'1" 214 Ponte Vedra HS, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.
  • K TRJR Zack Sessa 6'0" 175 Georgia Southern by way of Venice HS, Venice, FL. (walk-on)
  • P SR Jacob Finn 6'3" 210 Paxon HS, Jacksonville, FL.
  • P SO Jeremy Crawshaw 6-4 ProKick Australia, New South Wales, Australia.
  • LS RS SO Marco Ortiz 6'4" Benedictine HS, Richmond, VA.
  • LS RS SR Brett DioGuardi 6'4" 226 Windmere Prep, Windmere, FL.
  • LS/TE Rocco Underwood 6-4 220 of Lake Mary High School. Lake Mary, FL. 3*
- K SO Evan McPherson 5'10" 177 Fort Payne HS, Fort Payne, AL. (Cincinatti Bengals, round 5)

The Gators will likely have at most 5 Gators from the defense and special teams in the 2022 NFL Draft: EDGE Brenton Cox, CB Kaiir Elam, S Trey Dean, LB Jeremiah Moon, and LB Ventrell Miller. Cox and Elam are likely early round draft picks. Dean, Moon, and Miller will need to play their way into the draft boards, because of injuries, performance, or measurables.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gators had 4 athletes from offense taken in the 2021 draft, plus a couple undrafted free agents. In 2022 the Gators will likely have 1 or 2 players taken from the offense.

QB - Replacing one of the top signal callers with what is assumed to be a run-heavy offense will make it hard for Emory Jones to be drafted high. He could possibly in the later rounds or as an undrafted free agent if he elects to enter the draft in 2022.

  1. RSO QB Emory Jones 6-3 200 Heard County HS Franklin, GA. 4-star.
  2. FR QB Anthony Richardson 6-4 213 Eastside HS. Gainesville, FL 4-star
  3. RSO (WO) QB Jack Ruskell 6-3 195 Libertyville HS. Libertyville, IL. NR.
  4. SO (WO) QB Luke Matthews 5-9 166 Gainesville HS. Gainesville, FL. NR
QB Carlos Del Rio. 6-3 202. McEarchen High School. Powder Springs, Georgia. 4-star.
QB Jalen Kitna 6-4 200. Burleson High School. Burleson, Texas. 3-star.

2021 NFL Draft: RSR Kyle Trask (round 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

RB - The Gator offense is likely going to be run-heavy, but with 5 running backs and a couple mobile quarterbacks sharing the rushing yardage, it will be difficult for any of these running backs to shine and get noticed by NFL scouts. Malik Davis would need to regain his earlier, pre-injury form in order to climb the depth chart and get meaningful snaps for the scouts. Dameon Pierce could have the best year out of the draft eligibles, especially if Loreno Lingard is pushing him to perform. Demarckus Bowman has the potential to upset the projected depth chart.

  1. JR RB Dameon Pierce 5-11 210 Bainbridge HS. Bainbridge, GA. 4-star
  2. TR-RSO RB Lorenzo Lingard 6-0 190 of University of Miami by way of University High School, Orange City, FL. 5-star.
  3. RJR RB Malik Davis 5-11 190 Jesuit Tampa FL. 4-star.
  4. RFR RB Nay'Quan Wright 5-9 188. Carol City HS, Miami, FL 4-star.
  5. RSO RB Iverson Clement 6-0 190 Rancocas Valley HS, Mount Holly NJ. 4-star.
RB Demarckcus Bowman 5-10 190 Lakeland High School, Lakeland, FL. 5-star.

WR-X (Flex/Split) - Justin Shorter and Jacob Copeland are the most likely NFL draft picks out of the receiver corps.

  1. TR-SO. WR Justin Shorter 6-4 226 of Penn State University by way of South Brunswick High School, Monmouth Junction, NJ. Former 5*.
  2. RFR WR/DB Trent Whittemore 6-3 185. Bucholz HS. Gainesville FL. 3-star.
  3. RFR WR/ATH Ja'Markis Weston 6-3 195. Clewiston HS. Clewiston, FL 3-star.
WR Markus Burke 6-3 180 of Trinity Christian Academy. Jacksonville, Florida, 4-star.

WR-Z (Flanker)
  1. RSO WR Jacob Copeland 6-1 181 Escambia HS, Pensacola, FL 4-star.
  2. RSR WR Rick Wells 6-1 185 Raines HS, Jacksonville FL. 3-star.
  3. TR-RJR WR Jordan Pouncey 6-2 205 Univ of TX by way of Winter Park HS, Winter Park, FL Former 3-star.
WR DaeJon Reynolds (6-2, 195, Loganville, GA. Grayson) 4-star.

2021 NFL Draft: TR-SR WR Trevon Grimes (UDFA, Philadelphia Eagles)

WR-Y/H (Slot/Hybrid) RB Nayquan Wright could possibly change positions and move into this slot if one of the youngsters does not step up. The Gators will probably not have a player drafted out of this position.

  1. RFR WR Dionte Marks 5-11 178. Deland HS. Deland, FL 3-star.
ATH Charles Montgomery 5-10 185. Armwood High School. Seffner, Florida. 4-star.
WR Trevonte Rucker 6-0 160 of Vanguard High School. Ocala, Florida. 4-star.

2021 NFL Draft: SR WR/ATH Kadarius Toney (round 1, New York Giants)

TE/WR-Y - It will be difficult to replace a generational athlete like Kyle Pitts, so I do not expect an NFL pick out of this position group.
  1. SO TE Keon Zipperer. 6-2 240. Lakeland HS. Lakeland, FL 4-star.
  2. RJR TE Kemore Gamble 6'4" 220 Miami Southridge Miami FL. 4-star.
  3. RSO TE Dante Lang 6-5 220 Boca Raton HS, Boca Raton FL. 3-star
TE Gage Wilcox 6-4 228. Jefferson High School. Tampa, Florida. 4-star.
TE Nick Elksnis 6-6 220. Episcopal High School. Jacksonville, Florida. 3-star.

2021 NFL Draft: JR TE Kyle Pitts (round 1, Atlanta Falcons)

Offensive Line - C. Richard Gouraige is the most likely draft pick in 2022. He has more of an upside than Forsythe, but it needs to translate on the field.

  1. OL Richard Gouraige 6-5 250 Cambridge HS. Tampa, FL 4-star.
  2. OT Isaiah Walker, Jr. 6-4 309 Norland HS, Miamia, FL 4-star.
  3. OL Hayden Knighton 6-3 270 Fork Union by way of North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, FL. NR. (preferred walk-on)
2021 NFL Draft: OT Stone Forsythe (round 6, Seattle Seahawks)

  1. C OL Griffin McDowell 6-4 280 Lee County HS. Leesburg, GA. 3-star.
  2. OL Richard Leonard 6-2 320 Cocoa HS, Cocoa, FL, 3-star.
  1. OG Kingsley Eguakun 6-3 295. Sandalwood HS, Jacksonville, FL 3-star.
2021 NFL Draft: C/OL Brett Heggie (UDFA) and OL/DL Tanner Rowell (UDFA)

  1. OT Ethan White 6-5 315. Superior Collegiate Academy, Clearwater, FL 4-star.
  2. OT TJ Moore 6'5" 290 Mallard Creek Charlotte NC. 4-star.
  3. OG Riley Simonds 6-4 324. Buford HS. Buford, GA. 3-star.
  4. OT William Harrod 6-5 315. National Christian Academy. Ft Washington, MD. 4-star.
RT - Delance and Reese may not play the same position, so Reese may garner some attention if he is moved out of RT and to RG.
  1. RSR Jean Delance OT 6’5” 309 North Mesquite HS, Mesquite, TX 4-star.
  2. TR-SR Stewart Reese OL 6/6" 345 of Mississippi State University by way of Fort Pierce Central HS, Fort Pierce, FL 4-star.
  3. RFR OT Michael Tarquin 6-5 290. North Marion HS, Citra, FL 4-star.
  4. FR OT Joshua Braun 6-6 335 Suwannee HS, Live Oak, FL 4-star.
OG Deyavie Hammond 6-3 330. Independence Community College. Independence, Kansas. 3-star.
OT Adrein Strickland 6-6 330. A. Crawford Mosley High School. Lynn Haven, Florida. 3-star.
OC Jake Slaughter 6-4 300 of Ocala Trinity Catholic. Ocala, Florida. 3-star.
OT Yousef Mugharbill 6-5 330 of Murphy High School, Murphy, NC. 4-star.
OT Austin Barner 6-7 300 of Trinity Christian Academy, Jacksonville, FL. 3-star.

The Gators will probably have at most 3 athletes drafted from the offense out of 8 potential eligibles. Justin Shorter, Jacob Copeland, and Emory Jones will have challenges getting highlight reel stats in a run-heavy offense, and Malik Davis and Dameon Pierce will struggle to get significant playing time on this deep running back depth chart. Ethan White, Dean DeLance, and Stewart Reese could make it in the later rounds or as undrafted free agents.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Jones could be a dark horse first-round pick depending on the season.
I saw a couple 1st-round projections for Emory Jones, but I am going to temper my optimism on that one. I believe Jones has the skills to do well, but the main issue is that the roster's strengths this year hint at a very run-heavy offense. Scouts will not have as much film on him, and there will not be as many Heisman-like highlights for him to get boosted into the 1st round unless he has an SEC championship year.

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