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dont like the pease hire? well these recruits do

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by GainesvillebornNraised, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. http://recruiting.blogs.gatorsports.com/12091/diggs-taylor-pleased-with-pease/?tc=cr

    stefon diggs quotes

    “I know he likes to throw the ball a lot, so I guess we got somebody good,”

    “The first thing I think of is Kellen Moore. He’s a great quarterback and he’s in a good system. That’s the type of system I wanna play in and be familiar with.”

    “He has a great offense from what I’ve seen,”

    “I just wanna see how they’re gonna implement me in the system and how they’re gonna run things next year. I don’t wanna throw a bunch of questions at him because he just got the job. I’m sure he’ll give me the run down when I visit. I’m just looking forward to meeting him.”

    kent taylor quotes

    “I think this should help with Stefon Diggs and Nelson Agholor,” Taylor said. “I definitely think Nelson is gonna go to Florida. I know he’s interested in USC too, but in my opinion he’ll be a Gator.

    “I don’t know as much as Maye does because they’re real close, but if I had to name a leader for Nelson it would probably be Florida because he likes us so much.”
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  2. if we got both i would so happy and so should every gator fan thats sick of our offense lookin like shit

    these 2 will change that immediately
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  3. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    On balance, I LIKE the hire--and NOT just because it was expedient from a recruiting standpoint--though in practical terms (both in its quick and decisive nature, and its immediate appeal to both committed and prospective recruits), it WAS. The more I looked into his work and general approach the last few days since his name surfaced and gathered steam, the more encouraged I was, as I grew more and more comfortable with the impression that for a NUMBER of reasons he is a good fit here--much more so than Weis was, now that we've had such an abject lesson in all the ways THAT choice not only didn't work, but WHY. It begins to look like though that WAS a mistake, things broke our way in relatively short order to allow us to correct that error--or rather, for Coach Boom to recognize, learn and recover from a real mess in about as "quick and neat" a manner as we could ever have hoped for.
    Good luck over in the Big 12 basement, there, Coach...don't let the door smack ya in yer big rear-end on the way out!
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