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Do you like "dancing with the stars"?

Discussion in 'Gator Lounge & General Discussion' started by GatorsDiva21, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. GatorsDiva21

    GatorsDiva21 Hayley Loves her gators

    I CAN NOT STAND that show, my lil sister love's it and when I get home thats all I hear!!!!! Makes me scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to watch it, till I found out it was pretty much rigged, But anyways I can't stand it :mad0235: :mad:
  2. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Gator Fan

    My wife watches it from time to time, but I'm not a big fan of it. I dont think i've ever seen an entire episode.
  3. I think I saw it on tv last night??? I don't care much for it....
  4. flgatorgirl

    flgatorgirl VIP Member

    My mom loves it. I used to hate it and when it came on, I'd go watch someting else in my room. Then she started to get mad at me for doing that, so now I watch it with her. It's alright. It's not my favorite show, but I tolerate it.
  5. sbq80

    sbq80 VIP Member

    Don't watch it, although some of the professional dancers have insane bodies.

    Jason Taylor needs to STOP dancing and get to camp, work out with the TEAM he is a leader of!:hammer:
  6. I don't mind it!
  7. GatorFanInVA

    GatorFanInVA Gator Fan

    no. how boring.
  8. ilovegators

    ilovegators VIP Member

    I'm glad it's over now. I just don't like too much reality TV.
  9. leakbrewergator

    leakbrewergator Awesomeness

    I watched a few episodes when Jerry "Jesus in cleats" Rice was on it.

    Other than that, I think it's one of the worst shows on television.
  10. tng8r

    tng8r Gator Fan


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