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Come up with a new name for the Big 10


Super Senior Member
So the Big 10 conference, now has 12 members. It previously had 11. So I think they are due for a new name, but are still sticking with Big 10.

So here's a game. Come up with a new name for the Big 10 conference.

I am thinking they should do something like Great American Conference, or Heartland Athletic Conference. I don't know, my names probably suck, but I'm interested to see what other people can come up with.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Since we do not know if the Big 10 and Big 12 plan on changing sizes, and we want to preserve history, I propose Big M and Big N, where m an n are integers.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Super Moderator
(laughter) That's very good! ...and this way, the eventual "Major College Playoff"-format might ultimately be expressed as an equation, too.
As for NAMING the conferences, I see where CaliZona is going with this, further elaborating on that pompous "Legends" and "Heroes" thing the (formerly referred to as) Big Ten commissioner came up with for naming their two new divisions--frankly, though, I don't think either he or IT ought to be further developed or encouraged in this regard...of course, "The Big Ten-Well-Not-Really-But-We're-Sure-As-Hell-Not-Going-To-Trade-Off-With-THEM" and "The Big Twelve-Who-Said-WE-Were-Interested" aren't likely to catch on either--and as E- points out, this isn't all done "shaking out" yet.
"The PAC-Integer-To-Be-Determined" is already kind of a tradition out there--I remember when we had to get used to not calling it "The Pac Eight" anymore, but until now they'd always kept the number accurate, at least.
I'd feel a little more confidently smug about "The SEC" if we hadn't been flirting with Texas A&M this past year when it looked like "The Big Twelve-Minus-Nebraska-And-Maybe-Missouri-Too" threatened to implode. I mean, fun (and possibly a windfall, recruiting-wise) as it may be to consider, there MUST be a limit to how far we can stretch the definition of "SouthEAST"--Arkansas was already pushing it, but can we in good conscience really extend that line across the Mississippi?
What am I saying?!! Of COURSE we can!!!