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CJ Spiller


VIP Member
Rumors have it he's already enrolled in classes at UF...

What a huge pick up for the Gators.. to bad he will have to sit out a year. Running back was one of our pressing needs going into the future, but now that problem looks solved.

I remember following in the Alligator when we were trying to recruit CJ Spiller. I remember vividly when I read that he had choosen Clemson over the Florida schools. To bad for him. He isn't getting any Championship rings anytime soon at the University of Clemson. There is no denying he is an explosive player. If we had him at running back this year it would quite frankly just be unfair. But I have no doubt Urban Meyer will bring in a tailback with that kind of ability in this years signing class.


VIP Member
Now he has dicked us over twice. :<

Maybe he just realized that he would have had to sit out a year if he transfered. And running backs in the NFL draft are weird in that they can come from small time schools and still be high draft picks. Whether or not CJ Spiller plays for clemson or uf probably wouldn't have affected his draft spot in the nfl too much.

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