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Big game for Tebow

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by stewart, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. stewart

    stewart Gator Fan

    If Tebow can go for 250 yards and 3 tds or so, I think he can finally shut up all the critics. There's no doubt he can play in the SEC, but I still think a lot of media types are skeptical that he can be one of the best. He can prove himself this week.
  2. timbok

    timbok VIP Member

    he has to prove himself....
    if he can dominate tennesseee...i'll be an believer..right now i'm a realist...it will be tough for him to dominate that team!
  3. ilovegators

    ilovegators VIP Member

    Tebow's break out game last year was v.s Tennessee when he picked up that 4th and 1. It's only fitting that Tebow light up the Vols once again.
  4. sbq80

    sbq80 VIP Member

    To state the obvious it is a big game for the team. We will see how well alot of young guys play in huge SEC game. We will see how well Tebow leads & if this has become his team yet.
  5. djg8tr22

    djg8tr22 VIP Member

    Tebow holds the key to a win or loss Saturday. I think we also need to see how the D is going to do. 31 points to Troy isnt acceptable. We have a great linebacking core and maybe one of the top 5 DE's in Harvey so we will see!
  6. sbq80

    sbq80 VIP Member

    Well Tebow is in a system that is perfect for him to thrive.
    Not to sabotage the thread but if Spurrier stayed with Leak, Leak would have a Heisman on his shelf. Of anyGator I can think of Leak was screwed the most by Spurrier leaving. I am glad he left with a NC for all he went through & for staying in Blue & Orange.
  7. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Gator Fan

    I think Tebow silenced the critics with his 299 yards passing and what... 5 total tds? The guy is Superman!

    That int was a little scary, but he bounced right back.
  8. gtrgrl97

    gtrgrl97 VIP Member


    and good job Newton!!!! Great touchdown too!!!!
  9. CaliZona_Gator

    CaliZona_Gator Super Senior Member

    the interception wasn't his fault tho... Cooper messed up the route
  10. preachinGator

    preachinGator VIP Member

    Mick Hubert says it all in 2 words!
    Oh yeah, you know what they are. I don't have to tell you. But I WANT TO!!!
    OHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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