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Baker commits to UF


Eventis sultorum magister.
Linebacker Jerome Baker has committed to Florida over Ohio State. Baker is the first linebacker commit of 2015 for Florida.


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These next couple of classes are sure shaping up, quality-wise--especially 2015...A real relief it continuing in this direction after Joker's leaving. Now, if we can keep a good chunk, AND they pan out...
(Of course, keeping 'em may well depend at least to some extent on there not being a wholesale top-down change in coaches, which means that as usual, damn near EVERYTHING'S riding on what happens in the coming campaign...Talk about a "house of cards"!)


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The class of 2015 will depend on a group of kids that will want to commit together (similar to that group that all committed to UF, then switched to Forced Sex University later). If the Gators look exciting this year, then Florida may gain 4-6 4/5-star athletes all at once. If the Gators look anything like they have in the past four years, then expect FSU or Miami to get 4-6 athletes all at once.