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Asking the Obvious Question


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Clearly we are into the pre-August “summer doldrums” now—so maybe this is the inevitable time the boredom and impatience would spur just such thoughts: the ongoing “same old story” has made it a prime topic too...
“Why in the HELL can we not grab, at the very least, ‘our reasonable share’ of 5-star recruits?!!”
I mean, I KNOW all the usual explanations/excuses, but somehow they ultimately ring hollow...Even the most hopeful of them, including and above all the idea that “Mullens has his own ideas about whom he’s looking for and what he can do with them”, born out by the quality of talent developing on the field season by season, still doesn’t change the fact that we compete but regularly are beaten out for the most highly-rated in-state prep players by OUT OF STATE programs!
Yes, we seem to spot and grab the slightly MISrated kids who turn out to be really good ones after all, but we sure could use at least a few more of those “can’t miss studs” too!
I don’t really know what to do about “the obvious question” except to suggest the obvious solution—To wit: Maybe we need to hire a coupla hot-shot young RECRUITERS??? (Okay, yeah—I admitted from the top here that I had nothing to offer but “the obvious”!)
Anyway, at this point, it sure seems like the only thing standing between us and that final step into The Elite status of “Regular Playoff Threat” IS our regularly stocking a decent portion of the best our talent-rich state has to offer.
It don’t take Nostradamus to see THAT.


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The big excuse would be Saban, Smart, and Dabo is getting all of the five-star recruits (it seems like it). Also, Dan Mullen isn't his boss. However, remember it's what you do with the talent. Remember the 2010 class?


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There are many reasons that Mullen has failed to bring in balanced classes of 5-star athletes, and it largely has to do with Muschamp, McElwain, and other schools exploiting the weaknesses in both of those coaches. In retrospect it is easy to look back in time and see that Muschamp let other programs infiltrate the Sunshine State and grab the best in-state recruits from the best high schools and McElwain continued that downward slide. Note that Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and Ohio State really started getting success with in-state recruits in 2011, and those same schools also took advantage of weak FSU and Miami teams.

Mullen is not a top-tier recruiter, but he makes up for that by being a top-tier developer of talent. It sucks to admit it, but that is what Florida is right now--a next-tier recruiting school with top-tier development. Mullen is probably the best in the nation at grabbing transfer players, since he has been doing that since the days before the transfer portal. Years before the transfer portal, Mullen was already the master of developing JUCO transfers and 3-star talent at Mississippi State. He has successfully regained inroads with the top high schools in the state that were lost under Muschamp and McElwain, but he is still losing some recruiting battles against Alabama, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State, and sometimes LSU. Brian Johnson was probably Florida's best recruiter, but Tim Brewster is not far behind. Florida could use some recruiters, but they already have excellent talent management overall and this is what might win the day during this new era of transfers and name/ image/ likeness.

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