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Ali Peek Wilbur's Interview with Urban Meyer


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I do still check out Ali's latest, and was somewhat relieved hers was as frank and open as it turned out to be.
Problem is, with everything ELSE (steadily sinking season, PLUS steadily sinking recruiting class...) the "TALK" will continue, and Meyer's name won't even be the most ridiculous or desperate name that is floated.
Me, I'm just PRAYING that it's all JUST "talk", and that it will die DOWN if/when the reported cracks in our once solid group of pending recruits will somehow is healed and saved, even further reinforced. NOT especially HOPEFUL though, I'll admit--but with everything we've had t o suffer in recent days I HAVE become somewhat "The Voice of Doom", I'll admit. Sorry bout that...
It's a sort of "defense", I suppose--getting out AHEAD of disappointment by accepting the worst news possible.
Yeah, now that I actually type it out there right in front of me, it sounds pretty stupid to me TOO.


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The most interesting moment for me was when Ali asked Urban if things were like this with commits when HE was Coach--if he had to constantly "keep RE-recruiting" commits right up until signing day, "for fear they'd otherwise flip elsewhere?"...To which he was shaking his head sharply before she was half-way thru her question: "No WAY! I couldn't have DEALT with that...It's one of the reasons I have NO desire to coach again now." He goes on to elaborate on what he's heard from his friends and contacts still in coaching, but the overall message is clear.
It isn't really Napier's fault (and again, prob has LITTLE to do with our recent losing skid--was likely going to happen ANYWAY for all the reasons Billy notes himself in his recent presser), but that doesn't mean anything to impatient and disappointed fans--and probably won't to the deep-pocketed man or men who may soon decide to pull the plug on this thing sooner than planned or expected--especially if a "five-game LOSE-OUT" is framed by a thorough collapse of a once-promising "Big Class" on its heels.


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Most of the top student-athletes want to play for the top programs, sad but true. Florida isn't that.
Historically Florida is a top-15 program for recruits and coaches alike. In recent history it has not been a top-15 program, but Napier is winning over the investors and NIL donors. Both things can be true simultaneously: Florida needs to win like a top-15 program and Florida investors & NIL donors need to throw money around like top-10 money baggers.

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