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A Belated Gameday Thread


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I apologize to one and all0--guess I just ASSUMED that Escambia or SOMEONE would put one up...
Me, I had the dreaded "prior commitment" that delayed me unexpectedly all aft...and meanwhile, we're helping UMASS keep it close--and they don't appear to NEED any help, not against us right now.
OK, I know its early in the year (duh) and we're missing some pieces on an offense that couldn't yet afford it...but still.
Scary part os its also our D making dumb mistakes and showing a lack of team-cohesion. Sigh, could be a loooonnnng season, if this is any indicator. Wanna see our offense do some things now. Another missed med-long pass...and who KNOWS what our running game might be capable of...hasn't been given much oppty for taking cjarge--and has, if anything, discouraged any thought of "taking over" the 2nd half of this one.
Think we'll still win, maybe even still "going away", ultimately--but after a spring and better-part-of a summer redrawing its look and supposed "philosophy", O STILL doesn't even rate a "work in progress" at this point--more like a "put out of its misery and start OVER", so far...but a coupla long TDs could still change that overall impression--especially over on our sidelines, where it would likely make the biggest and most important difference in the coming weeks. But so far anyway, the very few big plays by EITHER squad have seemed to come exclusively from the UMASS offense. And THAT is a bad sign.