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8/16/09 CONTEST - Say "Hi" and Win!


Gator Fan
I have more Gator flasks to give away!

All you have to do is say Hi, Hello, Good day, etc... in this thread and you will be entered in a random drawing to win a free disposable Gator flask!

Even if you don't drink, you can always fill it with water and carry it with you into the stadium. They won't know! How many times have you been stuck tailgating outside the Swamp and wanted to bring your drink inside with you? Here's the solution!


Winner will be picked August 16... so say hello by then!


Gator Fan
Greatest College Football Palyer Ever

As a 2 time (BA, JD) Gator whose third year at the Swamp resulted in our 0-10-1 season, I thought we were destined to be a backwater team, always a bridesmaid, never a bride, then along came Charley Pell, The Ol' Ball Coach (Hate him now), Zook and Urban. Lots of great players (Wilber Marshall, Danny Wuerffel, Emmitt Smith), too many to list.

But Tim Tebo stands on a different plane than any of the others. He is a leader, warrior, inspiring orator, walks the walk, talks the talk, looked up to by his teammates. Feared by opponents, always graceful in victory, yet many are publicly waiting for his "injury" (Lane Kiffin comes to mind or Mark Richt, maybe Tuberville or Miles).

We have truly been blessed to have been witness to a team that has elevated its level of play in response to an inspiring leader (and coach) who will be seen as the Greatest College Football Player Ever, Period. Go Gators


Gator Fan

Even if I don't win, where can we buy them? How about a shout out to the maker?

Hello from a displaced long time Gator...stuck here in SC need all the Gatoer gear i can get to show the "cocks" that the GATOR NATION is alive & everywhere especially in their backyard !!!
Hope everyone has a great day!


Gator Fan
Hi! I'm a '98 MBA grad and i would be willing to buy one if i don't win, also. Howevr, since i live in Maryland, a good flask will come in handy when when i watch the Gators thump another Northern team in the BCS Champonship Game!

Go Gators!


Hi from deep in Enemy Territory

If I don't win maybe I can buy one.Regards,


Gator Fan
Hello from New Smyrna Beach Florida. Became a Gator Fan through my Brother-n-Law back in 1994-95. Never watched college football until then and now that is all I watch. I am so hooked on the Gators that I now have a whole room dedicated to them and for gameday. I have taken my boat to the Florida-Georgia game last year and plan to do so every year going forward. I go to as many home games I can and the flasks would be very nice for my Jack&Dew's. :)

Go Gators!!!


Gator Fan
From deep in enemy territory

Hello from Atlanta! The GAtor Club here is gearing up for the season with three strategically located venues in the area. I may not make it to the Swamp this season but I will be planted in front of a big screen somewhere, watching us vanquish the Vols, lambust LSU, kick the Dawgs and Cocks, skewer the Semiholes, win the SECC and dominate in Pasadena for another BCS Championship win.
Go Gators!!!


Hello GATORS...

Hello gators we are so excited about this season...I hope that I can go to a game this season.....GO GATORS#1


To all the GATOR NATION welcome to another great year. Go Gator's Love you


Southwest Florida is ready to party in the Swamp! Is there any doubt in anyone's mind.....It's GREAT to be a Florida Gator! :gator: