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4 scholarships left


Gator Fan
Meyer is still recruiting. This guy takes no time to relax. There are 4 scholarship spots left from what I've heard. After those get filled he should be done.

PhD Gator

Super Moderator
Seems like we have some pretty big names looking to get in for those last few spots. It almost seems like we would have preferred to have left a few extra scholarships open a little while longer this year because after the National Championship there's a lot of new interest in UF. However, it's hard to say who on the list of current commitments you would have not given commitable offers to in order to save those 'ships. I have a feeling (not based on any inside info or anything) that we have at least two 5-star commitments still to come. I could be completely off on this, but I have heard some good things floating around about Devine and also about a couple of 5-star DE's that are reconsidering UF after committing elsewhere. It just seems as though we can be very picky with these last few spots and Meyer and Co can really handpick the top talent availalble.