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2021 NFL Draft Predictions and Results


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The 2021 NFL Draft will be April 29 - May 1, 2021, and the Florida Gators might have up to 7 draft selections, with 9 of 14 draft eligibles being "invited" to the canceled NFL Combine.

TE Kyle Pitts

Fun fact: Ben Troupe is the highest-drafted tight end out of UF (2nd round of 2004 draft, 40th overall). The first tight end drafted out of UF was Jim Yarbrough (2nd round of 1969 draft, 47th overall). Pitts is projected by most experts to go in the top 15, possibly top 5.

Pitts is described as being a unicorn in terms over pure athletic talent, but in an NFL scheme his is valued more for his pass-catching and mismatch creation than his TE blocking. The more common projections in order from most realistic to least:
- Atlanta Falcons at #4 (CBS)
- Miami Dolphins at #6 (CBS, 247Sports)
- Carolina Panthers at #8 (ESPN)
- Dallas Cowboys at #10 (USA Today)
- New York Giants at #11 (USA Today)

I do not see how the NFL scouts will let Pitts go outside the top-6. Most analysts have Trevor Lawrence to Jacksonville Jaguars at #1, Zach Wilson to New York Jets, and Mac Jones or Trey Lance to San Francisco at #3. After that, the best players available are Kyle Pitts, Ja'Marr Chase, Penei Sewell, and Justin Fields. I cannot see any way Pitts is selected outside this group of 8.

WR Kadarius Toney

Toney is an interesting selection as a raw athlete on special teams and offense, and recently as a polished wide receiver. At 5'11", 193 pounds and with 9.25" hands he is considered undersized for a traditional wide receiver, but his movement, newfound ability to run clean routes with separation, and displayed ability to adapt, there are teams willing to take the former 2nd-team All American in the 1st round. The predictions:
- Baltimore Ravens at #27 (CBS)
- New Orleans Saints at #28 (CBS, 247Sports)
- Cincinnati Bengals at #38 (ESPN)
- Washington Football Team at #19 (USA Today)

QB Kyle Trask

For some reason the Heisman candidate is not getting the same respect as Mac Jones despite having a much better Pro Day. The predictions:
- New Orleans Saints at #28
- Seattle Seahawks at #56
- Minnesota Vikings at #90 (CBS, 247Sports)
- New England Patriots at #96

CB Marco Wilson

Marco is considered the #2 CB in terms of Relative Athletic Score (RAS) behind Jaycee Horn. I will throw a shoe at the TV if Marco Wilson does not get drafted before round 7:
- Philadelphia Eagles at #150 (CBS, 247Sports)

SI thinks he would be a good fit for Jacksonville (with CJ Henderson) or Arizona in later rounds. Dan Quinn of the Dallas Cowboys might be interested in using Wilson as an inside CB.

DT TJ Slaton

- Green Bay Packers at #136 (247Sports)

OT Stone Forsythe

- Las Vegas Raiders at #167 (CBS, 247Sports)

WR Trevon Grimes

Grimes probably would have been a solid round 1 or round 2 selection in 2022 if he had returned. His pro day showed enough for some teams to possibly take him in this draft, but at a lower pick.
- Las Vegas Raiders at #200 (CBS, 247Sports)


C Brett Heggie

- Houston Texans at #195 (CBS, 247Sports)

K Evan McPherson

McPherson is rated as the #1 or #2 kicker in this draft (Miami's Jose Borregales). If he does not get drafted he would be a good UDFA.
- Jacksonville Jaguars at #249 (CBS, 247Sports)

TE Kalif Jackson

Kalif completed his degree at UF in 2019 and finished the 2020 season at Grambling State. He participated in the Florida Pro Day, but is not expected to be drafted. Note that former Gators Martez Ivey and Adam Shuler also participated in Florida Pro Day despite not getting drafted in 2019 or 2020.

S Shawn Davis

The Gators stake their claim as DBU based on the streak of having a DB drafted in the NFL every year since 2016. Davis could be a late-round pick, but more likely he will not be able to continue that streak and will be an UDFA. His performance at the Senior Bowl seemed to impress the scouts. He is rated just outside the top 10 safeties in this draft.

Projected Draft Board:
Kyle PittsR1 - Miami
Kadarius ToneyR1 - New Orleans
Kyle TraskR3 - New England
Marco WilsonR4 - Philadelphia
TJ SlatonR4 - Green Bay
Stone ForsytheR4 - Las Vegas
Trevon GrimesR6 - Las Vegas
Brett HeggieR6 - Houston
Evan McPhersonR7 - Jacksonville
Kalif Jackson, Shawn Davis, Ventrell MillerUDFA
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I did see an article that the Saints were considering Trask in the first round. I think it would be smart since well Taysom Hill is going to be 31 next season and Infamous Jameis well....... moving on. Probably could get him in the second round. Payton is a good coach for Trask.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
I did see an article that the Saints were considering Trask in the first round. I think it would be smart since well Taysom Hill is going to be 31 next season and Infamous Jameis well....... moving on. Probably could get him in the second round. Payton is a good coach for Trask.
I do think Trask is trending towards that New Orleans Saints pick at #28, which is why I list it above. Maybe because I am too attached to Trask I make my official projection later in the post as New England Patriots with pick #96. Personally I think Trask would be the best fit if the Saints plan on continuing the offensive style used by Drew Brees. If they are evolving to a Taysom Hill offense, then the Saints are in for a wild ride with Famous Jameis as the backup.


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Mac Jones to the Niners was/is a surprise because he was considered a mid-first-round pick then the 49ers traded up and considering him over Fields and Lance and don't get me started on Lance who is a QB from an FCS School who only played one game in 2020 and yet he's ahead of Trask.


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Also, I wonder if Trask will be drafted sooner than 28th. Washington could be in the market for a QB at 19th, New England at 15 unless they trade up or Justin Fields falls to them. Probably would depend on if five quarterbacks are drafted by the first 12 picks which can be possible.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
If the Niners take Mac Jones early in the 1st round, that is fine as long as a good team gets Trask later in the 1st. If Trask falls past 1st round with the Niners taking Jones in the 1st, then I would be surprised. I have heard the Patriots say they are interested in Trask, but I cannot tell which round they would take him so I took the safe route and projected him to the Patriots at #96 in the 3rd round if they take him. I would love to be wrong there.


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The big questions for the Gators in the first round is will Trask be drafted in the first round, same with Toney. Also, will Pitts be the first non-QB drafted.


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Pitts was the first non-QB drafted as the Falcons drafted him fourth overall. Good for him though he'll play twice a season against my Bucs (crap). Toney was drafted by the Giants at 20th mostly because none of the Bama boys weren't available and they traded down with the Bears. Still congrats to Toney. Trask wasn't drafted by the Saints at 28th (they went with Payton Turner from U of Houston, I didn't see him on the mock drafts, not in the first round). Probably understandable since you don't pay Taysom Hill 140 million in four years not to use him. Wanted the Bucs to draft him but they wouldn't do that to Brady. Trask waits another day.
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Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The 2021 Gators fell one short of the school record for most NFL draft picks, which was nine in the 2007 and 2010 draft classes. This class had 14 eligible picks. The highlight of the class was Kyle Pitts being taken at #3, breaking the successive combo of quarterbacks. Speaking of combos, Kyle Trask started another successive run of quarterbacks late in round 2. The most disappointing surprise was watching Tre Grimes go undrafted. The most pleasant surprise was watching Shawn Davis get drafted in round 5. Congratulations to the Gators in the 2021 NFL draft!

2021 Draft Results:
Kyle PittsR1 P3 - Atlanta Falcons
Kadarius ToneyR1 P20 - New York Giants
Kyle TraskR2 P64 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marco WilsonR4 P136 - Arizona Cardinals
TJ SlatonR5 P173 - Green Bay Packers
Stone ForsytheR6 P208 - Seattle Seahawks
Trevon Grimes
UDFA - Philadelphia Eagles
Shawn DavisR5 P165 -
Evan McPhersonR5 P149 - Cincinnati Bengals
Brett Heggie, Kalif Jackson, Ventrell Miller, Kyree Campbell, Marlon Dunlap Jr., Brad Stewart Jr., Donovan Stiner, Nick Oelrich, Brett DioGuardiUDFA
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Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The 2021 draft featured 65 athletes from the SEC, which breaks the record of 64 set in 2019, and 63 in 2020 and 2013! Alabama has averaged 10 picks over the last 5 drafts, which matches records set by USC from 1973-1977. This year the ACC had 51 players drafted, B1G had 44, Pac-12 had 28, and B12 had 22. S-E-C!
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Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Undrafted Free Agents:
- Treveon Grimes, Philadelphia Eagles
- Brett Heggie, New York Giants
- Donovan Stiner, Pittsburgh Steelers


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The NFL draftees came from the recruiting classes of 2016 to 2018. Here is a look at the recruiting class of 2016, its impact on the 2021 NFL draft, and status of all its members.

The recruiting class of 2016--Jim McElwain's second (but first full class)--finished #13 in the nation. Of the 4 members of this class in the 2021 NFL Draft, QB Kyle Trask and OT Stone Forsythe were drafted, OL Brett Heggie went undrafted, and 2020 Arkansas transfer QB Feleipe Franks went undrafted. A total of 15 members of this class have declared for the 2019, 2020, and 2021 NFL Draft, with 8 being drafted and 8 going as UDFA. 6 athletes transferred out--3 as grad transfers. 2 athletes were medically retired. This may be the first class in a long time without permanent suspensions/transfers.
  1. WR Rick Wells 6-1 185 Raines High School, Jacksonville FL. 3* 1.26.2015 Commitment. Suspended 1 game in 2016 (disorderly conduct in dorms, pellet gun). Suspended 2017 season (credit card fraud). Reinstated 2018 season. Graduated 2019.
  2. WR Vosean Joseph 6-2 210 Norland High School, Miami FL. 3* 2.18.2015 Commitment. 2019 NFL Draft, 5th round, Buffalo Bills.
  3. S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 6-0 197 Cocoa High School, Cocoa Beach FL. 4* 3.14.2015 Commitment. EE. Outback Bowl 2017 MVP. 2019 NFL Draft, round 4, New Orleans Saints.
  4. CB Christopher McWilliams 6-0 170 Southwest Miami Senior High School, Miami FL. 3* 5.3.2015 Commitment. Medical redshirt 2019.
  5. OT Stone Forsythe 6-6 315 West Orange High School, Winter Garden FL. 3* 5.7.2015 Commitment. EE. 2021 NFL Draft, round 6, Seattle Seahawks.
  6. RB Mark Thompson 6-2 230 of Dodge City Community College, Dodge City KS. 4* 5.13.2015 Commitment. EE. 2018 NFL Draft, UDFA, Baltimore Ravens.
  7. RB Lamical Perine 5-11 211 of Theodore High School, Theodore AL. 3* 5.29.2015 Commitment. 2020 NFL Draft, 4th round, New York Jets.
  8. WR Joshua Hammond 6-0 180 of Hallandale High School, Hallandale FL. 4* 6.4.2015 Commitment. EE. 2020 NFL Draft, UDFA, Jacksonville Jaguars.
  9. DB Quincy Lenton 6-0 195 of Meridan High School, Meridian MS. 3* 7.24.2015 Commitment. Graduate transfer to Youngstown State in 2020.
  10. C/OL Brett Heggie 6-4 290 of Mount Dora High School, Mount Dora FL. 3* 7.24.2015 Commitment. 2021 UDFA.
  11. OLB Jeremiah Moon 6-4 205 of Hoover High School, Birmingham AL. 4* 7.25.2015 Commitment.
  12. QB Kyle Trask 6-6 212 of Manvel High School, Manvel TX. 2* 7.26.2015 Commitment. EE. 2021 NFL Draft, round 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  13. S Jeawon Taylor 6-2 192 Park Crossing High School, Montgomery AL. 4* 8.5.2015 Commitment. 2019 graduate. 2020 NFL Draft UDFA.
  14. WR Freddie Swain 6-1 174 North Marion High School, Citra FL. 4* 10.9.2015 Commitment. EE. 2020 NFL Draft, round 6, Seattle Seahawks.
  15. DB/ATH McArthur Burnett 6-1 180 Pahokee High School, Pahokee FL. 4* 10.3.2015 Commitment. EE. 2018 Graduate. Transferred to USF in 2018.
  16. DE Antonneous Clayton 6-4 220 Dooly County High School, Vienna GA. 4* 10.28.2015 Commitment. Transferred to Georgia Tech in 2018 (family medical).
  17. DE Jachai Polite 6-4 230 Mainland High School, Daytona Beach FL. 3* 11.11.2015 Commitment. 2019 NFL Draft, 3rd round, New York Jets.
  18. CB/S Antonio Nelson 6-3 190 Carver High School, Montgomery AL. 3* 11.23.2015 Commitment. Failed to academically qualify. Transferred to Coahoma CC.
  19. WR Dre Massey 6-0 185 Holmes Community College, Goodman MS. 3* 11.29.2015 Commitment. EE. 2019 NFL Draft. Undrafted. Arrested in 2019.
  20. OL Jawaan Taylor 6-5 350 Cocoa High School, Cocoa FL. 3* 11.29.2015 Commitment. 2019 NFL Draft, round 2, Jacksonville Jaguars.
  21. QB Feleipe Franks 6-6 220 Wakulla High School, Crawfordville FL. 4* 11.29.2015 Commitment. EE. Injured in 2019. Graduated 2019. Transferred to Arkansas at end of 2019. 2021 NFL Draft, UDFA, Atlanta Falcons.
  22. DE Jordan Smith 6-6 220 of Lithonia High School, Lithonia GA. 4* 12.13.2015 Commitment. EE. Suspended 9/1/2017 (credit card fraud). Transfer 1/22/2018.
  23. K Eddy Pineiro 6-1 180 of ASA College, Miami FL. 3* 12.15.2015 Commitment. EE. 2nd team All-American 2017. 2018 Graduate. 2018 NFL Draft, UDFA. Signed with Oakland Raiders.
  24. OLB David Reese 6-1 238 Farmington High School, Farmington MI. 4* 12.18.2015 Commitment. EE. 2020 NFL Draft, UDFA, Carolina Panthers.
  25. DB Joseph Putu 6-2 195 Providence, R.I. Mount Pleasant JUCO. 2.4.2016 signee. 2019 NFL draft. UDFA.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gators finished #19 in recruiting class rankings in Jim McElwain's final year as head coach.

This class had 15 four-star, 7 three-star, and 1 two-star athletes. This class had a total of 5 selected in the NFL draft (4 in 2021, 1 in 2020), 3 undrafted.This class did have 3 transfer out after being suspended or arrested--all under Jim McElwain's watch. 4 transferred out due to lack of playing time. 1 was medically retired.

  1. QB Jake Allen 6'3" 195 St Thomas Aquinas Fort Lauderdale FL 4-star 7/1/15. Transferred to Dartmouth.
  2. OL Kadeem Telfort OL 6'6" 300 Norland Miami FL 4-star 7/7/15 EE. Suspended 9/1/17 (credit card fraud). Transfer to Garden City CC 1/22/2018.
  3. WR Daquon Green 6'1" 186 Tampa Bay Tech Tampa FL 4-star 7/24/15. Transferred to Murray State in 2019.
  4. TE Kemore Gamble TE 6'4" 220 Miami Southridge Miami FL 4-star 4/8/16 EE
  5. ATH Kadarius Toney ATH 6'1" 185 Blount Prichard AL 4-star 5/4/16 EE, 2021 NFL Draft, round 1, New York Giants.
  6. DL Zachary Carter DL 6'5" 250 Hillsborough Tampa FL 4-star 6/23/16
  7. LB Ventrell Miller LB 6'1" 225 Kathleen Lakeland FL 4-star 6/23/16. Suspended 9/1/17 (credit card fraud). Reinstated 2018.
  8. LB James Houston LB 6'1" 225 American Heritage Plantation FL 3-star 7/22/16 EE*. Suspended 9/1/17 (credit card fraud). Reinstated 2018. Transferred in 2021.
  9. CB Marco Wilson CB 6'0" 180 American Heritage Plantation FL 4-star 8/1/16. 2021 NFL Draft, round 4, Arizona Cardinals.
  10. TE Zechariah Byrd 6'6" 235 Stenhope Millbrook AL 4-star 8/6/16. Failed to academically qualify. Transferred to Garden City CC in 2017. Transferred to East Carolina in 2019.
  11. DB Shawn Davis 6'0" 185 Southridge Miami FL 4-star 8/27/16. 2021 NFL Draft, round 5, Indianapolis Colts.
  12. RB Malik Davis RB 5'11" 190 Jesuit Tampa FL 4-star 10/26/16. Medical redshirt 2017.
  13. DT Kyree Campbell DT 6'4" 310 Wyoming Seminary Kingston PA 4-star 12/11/16 EE. 2021 NFL Draft, undrafted.
  14. OT TJ Moore 6'5" 290 Mallard Creek Charlotte NC 4-star 12/25/16
  15. CB Brad Stewart 6'0" 194 McDonogh New Orleans, LA 4-star 1/28/17. 2021 NFL Draft, undrafted.
  16. OLB Nick Smith 6'3" 198 Dr. Phillips Orlando FL 3-star 1/30/17. Medically retired from football in 2019.
  17. S Donovan Stiner S 6'2" 185 Bellaire Bellaire, TX 3-star 1/30/17. 2021 NFL Draft, undrafted.
  18. SDE Elijah Conliffe 6'4" 305 Hampton Hampton VA 4-star 1/31/17
  19. CB Brian Edwards 6'3" 195 Miramar Hollywood, FL 3-star NSD. Dismissed from team after being accused of sexual assault. Transferred to Central Michigan in 2019.
  20. RB Adarius Lemons 6'1" 195 Clearwater Clearwater, FL 4-star NSD. Dismissed from team after sexual assault in 2018. Transferred to East Mississippi CC in 2018. Transferred to Garden City CC in 2019.
  21. OG Tedarrell "TJ" Slaton 6'6" 341 American Heritage Fort Lauderdale, FL 4-star NSD. 2021 NFL Draft, round 5, Green Bay Packers.
  22. CB CJ Henderson 6'0" 175 Columbus Miami, FL 4-star NSD. 1st team All-SEC. 2020 NFL Draft, round 2 to Jacksonville Jaguars.
  23. LB Lacedrick Brunson 6'2" 210 Jackson Miami, FL 2-star NSD
  24. CB Elijah Blades 6'3" 170 Muir Pasadena CA 4-star 6/21/16. Withdrew commitment 1/25/17. Failed to academically qualify at Florida or Nebraska. Transferred to Arizona Western College. Transferred to Texas A&M in 2019.
  • Transfers: QB Malik Zaire 6'0" 225 4-star Dayton, OH via University of Notre Dame


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gator finished the 2018 recruiting season ranked #18 in Dan Mullen's first year as head coach of the Gators.

This class has 14 four-star athletes (plus 2 four-star transfers inbound), and 5 three-star recruits. 3 athletes have been drafted (1 in 2020, 2 in 2021), 2 (transfers) went unsigned, 2 were medically retired, 2 were suspended and dismissed, and 2 transferred out due to lack of playing time. 11 of these athletes may see significant playing time in the 2021-2022 season, with a handful being projected as 2022 or 2023 NFL draft picks or unsigned free agents.

  1. RB Iverson Clement 6-0 190 of Rancocas Valley High School, Mount Holly NJ. 4*. 4.23.2017 Commitment. Early enrollee.
  2. S Amari Burney 6-1 215 of Calvary Christian High School, Clearwater FL. 4* 6.1.2017 Commitment. Early enrollee.
  3. TE Kyle Pitts 6-5 235 of Archbishop Wood High School, Warminster PA. 4* 7.20.2017 Commitment. 2021 NFL Draft, round 1, Atlanta Falcons.
  4. TE Dante Lang 6-5 220 of Boca Raton High School, Boca Raton FL. 3* 7.21.2017 Commitment.
  5. DB Randy Russell 5-11 180 of Carol City High School. Miami Gardens, Florida. 4* 7.22.2017 Commitment. Early enrollee. Medically disqualified 1.7.2018.
  6. OLB David Reese 6-3 213 of Vero Beach High School. Vero Beach, Florida. 4* 7.29.2017 Commitment.
  7. RB Dameon Pierce 5-11 210 of Bainbridge High School. Bainbridge, Georgia. 4* 8.6.2017 Commitment. Early enrollment.
  8. OL Richard Gouraige 6-5 250 of Cambridge High School. Tampa, Florida. 4*. 10.20.2017 Commitment.
  9. OT Chris Bleich 6-6 305 of Wyoming Valley West High School, Plymouth, Pennsylvania. 3*. 11.29.2017 Commitment. Transferred to Syracuse at end of 2019 season.
  10. K Evan McPherson 6-0 165 of Fort Payne High School, Fort Payne, Alabama. 3*. 12.10.2018 Commitment. 2021 NFL Draft, round 5, Cincinnati Bengals.
  11. DB John Huggins 6-1 198 of Daytona Beach, Florida. 4*. 12.17.2018 Commitment. Dismissed from team prior to 2019 season.
  12. OT Noah Banks 6-7 305 of West Florida Technical High School, Pensacola, Florida via Iowa Western Community College transfer. 3*. 12.19.2017 Commitment. Early enrollee. Medical retirement due to epileptic seizures.
  13. QB Emory Jones 6-3 200 Heard County High School of Franklin, Georgia. 4*. 12.20.2017 signee. Early enrollee.
  14. DB Trey Dean 6-2 180 of Dutchtown High School, Hampton, Georgia. 4*. 12.20.2017 signee. Early enrollee.
  15. WR/ ATH Justin Watkins 5-11 173 of East Ridge High School, Clermont, Florida. 4*. 1.20.2018 commitment. 2.7.2018 LOI. Kicked off team 7/27/2018 after 2nd aggravated assault charge.
  16. C OL Griffin McDowell 6-4 280 of Lee County High School. Leesburg, Georgia. 3*. 1.30.2018 Commitment. 2.7.2018 LOI.
  17. DE/OLB Andrew Chatfield 6-2 221 of Plantation High School, Miami, Florida. 4*. 2.7.2018 LOI.
  18. WR Jacob Copeland 6-1 181 of Escambia High School (Home of the Fightin' Gators), Pensacola, Florida. 4*. 2.7.2018 LOI.
  19. SDE Malik Langham. 6-5.5 263 of Lee High School, Huntsville, Alabama. 4*. 2.7.2018 LOI. Transferred to Vanderbilt before 2019 season.
The following are transferring in and do not count as part of the recruiting class, but they will affect the number of recruits that Florida can take in this year and next year.

  1. WR Trevon Grimes 6-3 202 of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 4*. Ohio State University. 2021 NFL Draft, UDFA, Philadelphia Eagles.
  2. WR Van Jefferson 6-2 181 of Ravenwood High School, Brentwood, Tennessee. 4*. Ole Miss. 2 years of eligibility. 2020 NFL Draft, round 2, Los Angeles Rams.
  3. TE Luke Krull 6-7 255 of Shawnee, Kansas. 4*. Jefferson College. 2 years of eligibility. Transferred to Pitt at the end of 2019.
  4. SDE Adam Shuler 6-5 255 of Lyman, Florida. 3*. West Virginia. 1 year of eligibility. 2020 UDFA, Arizona Cardinals.
The Gators have the following preferred walk-ons:

  1. LS Marco Ortiz 6-5 230. Benedictine High School, Richmond, Virginia.
  2. QB Jaylin Jackson 5-9 160. Cambridge Christian High School, Tampa, Florida.
  3. LB Umstead Sanders 6-2 240. Port St. Joe High School, Port St. Joe, Florida by way of Hinds C.C., Raymond, Mississippi. 3*. (Older brother of RB Trey Sanders).
  4. OL/DL Tanner Rowell 6-2 298. Melbourne Senior High School, Melbourne, Florida. NR. (Walk-on since 2016, son of Gator OL/DL Tony Rowell (1989-1990).
  5. LB/ ST Danny Weldon 6-0 225. Tampa Catholic, Tampa, Florida. NR. (Walk-on since 2016. Father was national champion swimmer at UF, mother graduated from UF and worked on George W. Bush campaign.)
  6. RB Tyriek Hopkins 5-8 177 of Lakewood High School, St. Petersburg, Florida.
  7. OL Nick Villano 6-3 312 of American Heritage High School, Wellington, Florida.

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