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dan mullen

  1. Escambia94

    Leader Board: Florida Gator Head Coach 2022

    Here is my leader board for head coach at the University of Florida football program in 2022: Name School Salary, millions Buyout, millions Wins Losses Total Win % Current School Win % Dan Mullen Florida $7.60 $12.00 103 60 63.19% 70.83% Mel Tucker Michigan State $6.00 $6.00 16...
  2. Escambia94

    Dan Mullen the Quarterback Whispherer

    Dan Mullen's quarterbacks have an average passer rating of 148.9 all-time in his stops as QB coach, offensive coordinator, and head coach. Mullen's coached passer ratings by school: - Bowling Green 134.3 - Utah 164.4 - Florida 156.6 - Mississippi State 133.1 - Florida 156.1 Compare Mullen's...
  3. Escambia94

    Congratulations to Dan Mullen! PFF Coach of the Year!

  4. Escambia94

    Dan Mullen signs six-year contract

    https://twitter.com/WillSammon/status/1041788473026392069?s=19 Mullen will be the seventh highest paid coach in college sports, sixth in college football. Those of you unhappy with Mullen will be pleased to hear that Scott Stricklin built in a set buyout of $2M. Top 10 Highest-Paid Coaches...
  5. Escambia94

    The Gator Standard

    https://twitter.com/GatorsFB/status/981473419610001408?s=20 Coach Dan Mullen is raising the standards at the University of Florida, not only with the football program, but everywhere he goes on campus! Here he is running with the ROTC cadets on campus.
  6. Escambia94

    Dan Mullen's Contract Details

    Dan Mullen will be the highest-paid college football coach in Florida and the sixth-highest paid in the nation under the terms of his six-year contract with the University of Florida. The highest salaries in the nation: Nick Saban, Alabama. $11.1M Dabo Swinney, Clemson. $8.5M Dumbo Fisher...
  7. Escambia94

    Dan Mullen: Not the coach we wanted, but the coach we needed

    https://twitter.com/SteveSpurrierUF/status/934925514770284546 Now that the rest of the Gator Nation is over Chip Kelly and Scott Frost, we need to come to terms with Scott Stricklin bringing his personal friend from Starkville, Dan Mullen, back home to Gainesville. I personally believe Steve...