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    Gators in UFL

    Low fan following? All teams were playing in the same place in 2022. I'm sure the USFL had their reasons but I'll still pissed at them.
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    Gators in UFL

    I wish the Bandits were one of the teams.
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    Piling On

    I hate to throw around the P word but the P word could hurt the programs in not only UF but other schools in the state maybe outside the SOW over something that shouldn't be politicized and that's diversity. The two biggest money makers in College Sports are Football and Basketball and that's...
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    Piling On

    Speaking of piling on https://www.npr.org/2024/03/12/1238108601/naacp-black-athletes-florida-desantis-boycott#:~:text=Black%20college%20athletes%20should%20rethink,equity%20and%20inclusion%20efforts%20statewide.
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    Piling On

    It's one thing coaching 17-24 year olds but it's another coaching guys in their 30s.
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    Losing Faith

    I thought things were bad in 2017-2018 then they got a little bit better then 2021 happened. I hated to throw the towel but I don't know. I'm hoping the young talent will improve the record. Also, this article below. There might be a problem...
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    Way-Too-Early 2024 Rankings

    Maybe the team will get some Bama players. I'm hoping.
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    Rating the last 7 coaches

    Surprised you put Meyer over Spurrier. I know the two national titles over one but Spurrier has the six SEC titles over Meyer's two SEC titles.
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    Latest Silliness?

    Yes, Chris Leak did start the majority of his freshman season but Zook started someone else first.
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    Latest Silliness?

    Mertz did prove himself and should be the starter for 2024. He was one of the highlights last season. I'm sure that DJ could be the guy but not until 2025 unless Mertz is injuried.
  11. L

    Who Can Replace Billy Napier?

    How about Alex Golseh? Gus Malzhan? Tom Herman? Chris Petersen? I do like DeBoer, Fisch, even Kiffin.
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    2024 Gators Schedule

    I put Miami ahead of Tennessee though Tennessee lost the Gators last season and barely won in Knoxville the previous season. Tennessee is 50-50.
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    2024 Gators Schedule

    Miami Hurricanes — Aug. 31, 2024 Samford Bulldogs — Sept. 7, 2024 Texas A&M Aggies — Sept. 14, 2024 @ Mississippi State Bulldogs — Sept. 21, 2024 BYE UCF Knights — Oct. 5, 2024 @ Tennessee Volunteers — Oct. 12, 2024 Kentucky Wildcats — Oct. 19, 2024 BYE Georgia Bulldogs — Nov. 2, 2024 (in...
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    "BOTTOMLINE II": Current state of college football

    Is there a quick fix? Is Napier the guy? Right now he's not. Could things change? Possibly. Mike Norvell was 8-13 in his first two years at the other school and now he led them to a 13-0 record and a Conference title. Could Napier turn things around like Norvell? We can only hope. I could go on...
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    The Playoff Teams

    Virginia legislature did earlier with JMU when they had an undefeated run but couldn't at first because of the transition rules. However, JMU got a bowl bid because not enough teams qualified to play in a bowl.
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    The Playoff Teams

    Agree? Disagree? Don't Care
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    2008 Florida Gators: #1 team since 2000

    The 2006 Gators need to be ahead of some of those freaking teams especially 2017 UCF, 2004 Utah, 2011 Houston, 2007 Kansas, 2009 Boise State, and 2010 Auburn. OK I'm probably pushing it with Auburn because they only were champs because of Cam Newton.
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    Corey Raymond and Sean Spencer Fired

    That's the last of it? No other firings? I did look at Peek-Wilbur's latest post and she says that UF either needs to fire Napier now or say that he's coming back for a third season now and not let it linger.
  19. L

    Bye fer Now

    Honestly, what is there to say at this point other than it sucks and it hurts? It was predicted the Gators would go 7-5 or 6-6 and go to a bowl game and they couldn't do that. Now I'm wondering how they beat Tennessee and to some extent USCarolina. I wonder if that 70-yard TD pass on the first...