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    OGT 2023 Week 3: #11 Tennessee 16, Florida 29 (9/16/2023)

    It was an alright game. I wish the second half was much better but again the Gators won the game.
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    MY "Breaking Point"

    Deion ain't coming to G-Ville. He's not going to coach his alma mater's biggest rival and the school won't hire a Nole. Statler (Finebaum) needs to Shut up.
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    Florida Gators are #1… in the Misery Index!

    Try being a South Florida fan, they watched a coach who they thought they would get and two of their receivers go to Colorado and win that game.
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    Week 1 Reactions: Florida loses to Utah 11-24

    Here's the SEC Shorts reaction
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    Week 1 Film Breakdown

    I didn't say Mertz was bad, he isn't. I'm just saying Miller should warm up because Mertz could be in a world of hurt if the O-Line doesn't improve and fast.
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    Week 1 Film Breakdown

    That needs to be fixed by the time Tennessee comes to the Swamp otherwise Miller would need to warm up. Not to mention wasn't Utah without some of their key players including one guy that was injured during the game?
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    Week 1 Reactions: Florida loses to Utah 11-24

    Also, they need to special teams coach.
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    Week 1 Reactions: Florida loses to Utah 11-24

    Speaking of delay reactions, how come we didn't talk about that 70-yard touchdown catch and run on the Utah Thread? That was bad especially with the DB tackling his own teammate.
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    "Morning-Afters" Department

    I'm worried about the season. If they couldn't beat Utah, what chances do they have against Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, and FSU? Will they win on the road against South Carolina, Kentucky, or Mizzou? Do they have a chance against Arkansas at home?
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    Week 1 Reactions: Florida loses to Utah 11-24

    Honestly, I don't have hope for this season. If this is how they're going to play against Utah, how are they going to be against Tennessee? Georgia? FSU? They would they luck if they won six games this season. Mertz did have a good game minus the interception but that's was partly on Pearsall...
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    Week 1 Reactions: Florida loses to Utah 11-24

    Scooter's reaction
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    Anyone watch Swamp Kings yet?

    Also, it's funny that in the end, it said that Meyer "left" the Jaguars while at the same time, they played a news clip saying he was fired.
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    OGT 2023 Week 1: Florida Gators 11, #14 Utah Utes 24 (8/31/2023)

    I think the Gators will have a better chance with Cam Rising not playing but how good is the other guy?
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    Anyone watch Swamp Kings yet?

    Unsure who cares or not but Cam Newton's thoughts. He repped for Chris Leak and I do agree with him (yes, I know). I think Leak should have been on the doc though again what happened later on was the reason why. Also, wished they did get guys like Haden, the Pouncey Twins, and others.
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    Anyone watch Swamp Kings yet?

    In the Doc, Meyer regrets cutting Avery Atkins and he would try not to kick anyone off the team though he also kicked out safety Jamar Hornsby. However, do we blame him for kicking them out? Also, I don't think Meyer's failure at Jacksonville will have any impact (unless you count the...
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    Anyone watch Swamp Kings yet?

    Leak would have been a good guy to have with him being a pocket passer under a Spread Offense. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy to adjust. Unsure if it was because what happened later on.
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    Anyone watch Swamp Kings yet?

    I just finished all four episodes (Yes, it's four episodes). I won't reveal too much other than I wished there were some Gators that could have been there but weren't.
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    Netflix Doc about The 2006-2009 Gators

    Here's the stand-alone trailer
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    Richardson's season of QB1 will be released

    https://sports.yahoo.com/bryce-young-and-anthony-richardons-season-of-qb1-to-air-on-tubi-130016458.html Though you would have to get Tubi to watch the show. Also, Deuce Hogan who we might see depending on who Kentucky has as their starting QB is the third QB along with Richardson and Bryce...