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  1. flgatorgirl

    OMG Corrine Brown Video

    I thought that was hilarious. "I want to 'gratulate the University of Florida" "Florida is the 4th school in the modern ear.." "Outstanding Corch Urban Meyers" "...Makes Urban Meyers the 5th active coach with muchable national titles" "Percy Harvey" She sounded like Madea.
  2. flgatorgirl

    GATORS will try "no-huddle"

    It's going to be very exciting to watch.
  3. flgatorgirl

    Should women be allowed to attend College Football games/

    Agreed. " I do not love knowing that they really do not understand the game or even care who is winning." - I understand the game for the most part. I do care about who's winning. If my team's not winning, I'm in a pretty bad mood. "I do not love the fact that they are occupying seats that...
  4. flgatorgirl

    Family Names Kid After Tim Tebow

    If I was going to go that route, I would've just named him Tim. Tebow is a bad first name, in my opinion.
  5. flgatorgirl

    Urban Meyer - how long does he keep coaching?

    I personally don't think he's going anywhere for a long time.
  6. flgatorgirl

    1/2 A$$ U player passed out in drive-thru :}

    I laughed so hard at that. I was like, "In a McDonald's drive thru? Really?" My stepbrother won't even answer his phone because he knows I'm gonna rag him about it.
  7. flgatorgirl

    hitler hates Tim

    That's pretty funny.
  8. flgatorgirl

    Percy gone but Andre is here...highlight vid

    I'm so excited that he's coming to UF. I can't wait!
  9. flgatorgirl

    "Bobby Booby Stoops, He Did It Again"

    Haha that was good. Britney would be proud.
  10. flgatorgirl

    Dobose playest player!

    Anyone who wants to pick "Thug U" over Florida, seriously needs to get their head checked.
  11. flgatorgirl

    TIM TEBOW coming BACK !!

    I think Percy's pretty much gone (I hope I'm wrong).
  12. flgatorgirl

    TIM TEBOW coming BACK !!

    There is a God, and he loves the Gator Nation.
  13. flgatorgirl

    Happy National Title Day!

    Happy national title day to y'all, too!! I'm sooo ready for this. I look like a walking billboard for UF, today. I even have my dog in a Gator shirt. My neighbor (he's a HUGE gator) and I decided that we were going to meditate, burn incense, all that kind of stuff to clear our minds of anything...
  14. flgatorgirl

    Students urged not to skip classes because of BCS game

    My mom said I could stay home Friday, but I told her, "Thanks, but no thanks. WHEN we win, I have to go to rub it in a few people's faces."
  15. flgatorgirl

    What does Lil' Wayne think of Tebow

    WEEZY!! That video made me like him even more.
  16. flgatorgirl

    Oklahoma QB has high praise for Tebow

    It's good to know that both sides are saving the trash talking for the field.
  17. flgatorgirl


    Welcome to gatorenvy!! Yes, Percy is going to play.