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  1. gtrgrl97

    Talk is over, time to play

    I like that Time to Play! Can't wait for the season to get started!
  2. gtrgrl97

    Through My Eyes - book

    I enjoy it for my books, as a little "library", a lot! But w/ my nookcolor, I also have internet (if I'm w/ wi-fi)( which Ihave @home). So that's really cool. In fact, I'm using it right now... My hubby gave me for my bday in March &it's been wonderful.
  3. gtrgrl97

    Through My Eyes - book

    Was thinking of getting on my Nook, but I'd rather have it w/ my Gator collection bookshelf!
  4. gtrgrl97

    Media Daze

    Oh I wish I could be there!!! All the 'tweets' I see posted sounds like it's a great 'party', like mentioned above! Wonder how Coach M. feels as a new head coach in the SEC! I like that last phrase above....so welcome SEC football season!
  5. gtrgrl97

    Will muschamp

    Steve Addazio Gone as Florida Offensive Coordinator: Major Applewhite Takes Over | Bleacher Report So I guess it is applewhite as OC... That's a good thing :D
  6. gtrgrl97

    Heyyyooo, was away for a bit and look what happened.

    Was wondering where you were Zooker and what you thought of all this =)
  7. gtrgrl97

    I don't want Bobby Petrino coaching the Gators

    Didn't even know Petrino was a possibility...
  8. gtrgrl97

    Can I Start A Rumor, Please?

    A UM fan (that's my friend) put that on my facebook page! LOL
  9. gtrgrl97

    Urban is stepping down!

    Numb is a good word...:helpsmilie: Well, some of you guys wanted it. Go Gators and God bless Urban
  10. gtrgrl97

    Fired coach in the news!...

    Not ours, Miami's Coach got fired last night after their loss.:thrashskin: I'm interested in what you guys have to say about that! And, as always,,,, Go Gators! :wacko:
  11. gtrgrl97

    Florida Gators vs Appalachian State Mountaineers

    Well, I'm gonna be at Beef OBrady's in all my Gator colors cheering on the team for my whole town to see! (Don't have espn3 at home) I hope we do great!~~~~ My family's all busy, so I'll be alone for the 1st half, maybe I'll bring my laptop to keep up what you guys are saying here on...
  12. gtrgrl97

    Ahmad Black: "People like for us to lose."

    Drives me crazy! Even people who don't like/care about football, even people who don't care about college... they love to be mean!
  13. gtrgrl97

    A Silly Facebook Game

    That game makes my computer run REAL slow,,, is it the game or my computer?
  14. gtrgrl97

    atleast we wont lose this week...

    Great topic! Woo Hoo! I love it! Go Gators!:bananapowerslide:
  15. gtrgrl97

    What has happened to the Gators? Article in Gainesville Sun

    Interesting article... http://www.gatorsports.com/article/20101020/ARTICLES/101029997/1136?Title=What-s-happened-to-the-Gators-
  16. gtrgrl97

    Gator vision Wed 10/20

    Interesting interviews before Wednesday's practice.. You know, I love these boys to death, like they're my own boys, but they really don't sound like they're passionate, motivated or ready to change! Except for that they 'really need to execute!' :wacko: Poor Ahmad totally looked like he...
  17. gtrgrl97

    What's It Gonna Take?

    I'd hate to see a couple bad years, but Coach Meyer has given UF a couple great seasons, we need to give him at least this one, I think.... (Okay, don't beat me up y'all)
  18. gtrgrl97

    What's It Gonna Take?

    SOOOO funny!
  19. gtrgrl97

    Have some faith here.......

    I stood up and sang "We are the Boys..." :Banane29:at Beef OBrady's during the commercial after the 3rd quarter!!! (and I don't even drink!) Got a few reactions, but that's okay. I am glad our fair-weather friends that have been saying "Go Gators" because it's in style are taking a hike...