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Search results

  1. 2Bits

    "Whipped Puppy", 2009 edition

    Copy & Paste & Forward!!
  2. 2Bits

    Spikes eye gouge NOTHING compared to this!

    Brutal!! Don't cross that chick! Ouch!!
  3. 2Bits

    LSU vs. Alabama - who do we want to win?

    Let's roll the Tide and stick the horns to Texas! Go Gators!
  4. 2Bits

    Hottest Gator Fan in the World?

    ummmm.... Go Gators!!:tt2::tt2:
  5. 2Bits

    brandon spikes suspended?

    Here here! We rolled back the footage on that 3 or 4 times. It was dirty but we loved it! Have you heard of Ray Lewis? I think he carries a SHANK on the the field.
  6. 2Bits

    I'm scare about the UGA game

    Doubt that. Especially with Miss St. I'm sure well pull it together and play really well against UGA. Play calls are gonna improve this week! Besides it's UGA!
  7. 2Bits

    Should we have seen the Gators’ offensive struggles coming?

    On point there. Spread that ball around a bit more to those recievers and see what they can do.
  8. 2Bits

    Dustin Doe's touchdown

    Dustin Doh! Touchback. No TD. But it's all in the books now and a call is a call. Let's hope that Dustin takes that earful to heart. Go Gators!
  9. 2Bits

    Hello from Mississippi

    Your made a wise choice. Welcome.
  10. 2Bits

    Johnny Brantley - Star In Waiting

    How ironic. Gatorsports.com carried an artilicle about Scot Brantley, Johnny Brantley's uncle who suffered a concussion as a linebacker at UF in 1979. Here is a link to footage of the bit hit between Brantley and Hipple in the NFL that is mentioned in the article: It's a doozy if you haven't...
  11. 2Bits

    video of tebow running over eric berry

    Concurred. I was at the opposite endzone and the hit look like Hiroshima!:confused0054::confused0054: