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  1. D

    is it true the lock out was lifted only a day to give players their playbooks??

    this whole lockout isnt just a big conspiracy/setup is it??
  2. D

    tough matchups for the 2011 schedule...

    whats the toughest matchup for next seasons schedule?? auburn-prob not, cus newton is out, alabama-always a possibillity. fsu-please...but what about the georgia bulldogs?? either way i see this seasons coming down to about 3 or so must wins to get back the that title game.. THOUGHTS??
  3. D


    fed judge lifts the NFL lockout!!! dont know about the legality of it...thats for another day, but since we can no by into the draft fully........Who do you think will be the first Gator Selected for the 2011 season??????????;)
  4. D

    whos more famous?

    jack youngblood, emmit smith, or timmy tebow??
  5. D

    Sec rivalries!!

    What is the SEC's best rivalry game, why?? gators v canes???
  6. D

    April 28th-Draft Day

    escambia..that aint a bad idea, theres enough college football games durign the week to space out games to about 2 games per weekday! thanx for the tip!
  7. D

    April 28th-Draft Day

    What are your plans for the nfl draft day on the 28th of april, and what is your approach to it as a fan knowing the likely possibilty of no football in the fall?
  8. D

    Spring football

    Anybody got any inside info on how spring football is coming along for the gators?
  9. D

    Urban Meyer in the Studio

    Any body else been catching ESPN's Urban Meyer in the Studio. Dude knows his stuff for sure, but what surprises me the most is how candid he is behind the camera . Deep down inside i know he is coming back to coaching, but hey, if not..he can be the new addition to Two and a Half Men..
  10. D

    Muarice Jones-Drew's comment about Coach Urban Meyer was un-called for!

    Anybody hear Jones-drew's comment about cutler last sunday?? Stating "the Urban Meyer Rule is in effect, when the going gets tough...quit!" anybody else think that, that comment just totally exposed jones drew as a Midget punk RB. apparently having dr.s tell you your heart is going to explode...
  11. D

    Year of the QB

    Anybody catch the espn special "the year of the quarterback" featuring tebow?? what you guys think?
  12. D

    timmy tebow was looking like a pocket passer!!

    anybody else surprised by how many times the broncos head coach let tebow chuck it deep in sundays game against the chargers??
  13. D

    Tebow getting the go ahead in todays game!!

    I saw that! idk bout you guys but im seeing a win for tebow an the broncos...24-17. Gimme your score predictions??
  14. D

    Tebow getting the go ahead in todays game!!

    Timmy tebow gettin the start against the lowly raiders. He isnt doing to bad either. Eveybody in the league wanted to hate a running qb but its looking to me like that will be the future of nfl qb's...am i wrong????
  15. D

    Was Meyers retirement for Physical reasons or MENTAL??

    Whats going on in this guys head?? Sounds almost as if coaching football was making him go crazy, anybody else get that?
  16. D

    Urban is stepping down!

    Coach Urban Retires as Gators Football Coach Just released, Urban Meyer says he will retire from the head coaching position at Florida!!States he must focus more of his time away from the field...Your Guys thoughts??
  17. D

    Why didn't the broncos give tebow more PT???

    If timmy t is gonna be the future of your franchise, dont you think you would want to let the reigns go abit?? especially when your down by 4 scores in the 2nd half!! go gators..:confused0082: