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  1. PhD Gator

    lets make some early predictions for the season

    I have heard Robert Clark's name mentioned as a likely candidate for returning kicks. I believe Patton was another one being mentioned. Sounds like we might see one of the freshmen back there. Might be nice to have one of them groomed to be a career-long return man. Clark wasn't a highly...
  2. PhD Gator

    Spring Break!

    I'm currently one of the few people on campus sitting in my office doing research. Yes it is a rocking Spring Break for me :punk:
  3. PhD Gator

    "Florida's fake 40 board" - Yahoo

    Some harsh words about Haden and the speed board that Florida keeps in its locker room. This Yahoo article essentially says the whole board is made up and fabricated given how much slower Haden ran at the Combine than the board showed him (4.57 vs his listed 4.33)...
  4. PhD Gator

    Haden's 40 time (and Major Wright as well)

    Haden just ran today at the Combine. ESPN had been saying that he could be a top 5 pick coming into today and were expecting him to run in the low 4.4s and maybe even crack the 4.3s. Instead Joe ran a 4.57. Not good for Joe and his draft status. Likely just cost himself a few million...
  5. PhD Gator

    Best Gainesville sports bar?

    Swamp is great, but a little pricey and gets too busy at times. Lately I really enjoy going to Mother's. We go every week for wings and it is set up pretty well for watching games. Their wings are great too and not too expensive. Plus they usually have good drink specials.
  6. PhD Gator

    LOST Season 6

    I love the show. I didn't watch it for the first 4 or so seasons. Then I decided to start watching a couple episodes per week on days I ate lunch in the office. I quickly got hooked and finally caught up in time to watch Season 6 as it airs live. I love it. It's such a complex and...
  7. PhD Gator

    NOSTALGIA: Terry Tate

    Those were awesome. I love the Terry Tate stuff.
  8. PhD Gator

    Headed to North Carolina

    Have fun man! I'm actually planning a trip up there in a month or two as well. Going to go to Nashville to see some old college friends with my girlfriend and then over to North Carolina to see my grandma and maybe to hike a couple of trails in the mountains or something. It's a beautiful...
  9. PhD Gator

    McCafe vs. Starbucks

    I haven't tried the Iced Mocha yet, but I've heard it isn't very good. I love their Iced Coffees though. Not the ones that are icey like the Iced Mocha, but the ones that are just cold coffee on ice with flavoring. The caramel is awesome and the french vanilla is as well. Maybe give those...
  10. PhD Gator

    Point guard coming? That's a BIG NO

    I hope we can land this guy. Seems like a good fit for the team.
  11. PhD Gator

    The Hangover

    Yeah it looks good. But I usually wait for movies like that to come out on DVD (Blu-Ray). Funny movies are just as good or better away from a theater. I try to only pay to see big action movies or movies that I think might be better with the good sound quality and stuff of a theater. I'll...
  12. PhD Gator

    UF grad to represent state in Miss Earth pageant

    She is definitely easy on the eyes. Has kind of a different look to her, but very good looking.
  13. PhD Gator

    Linkin Park "New Divide"

    Found it. Sounds pretty good, but definitely not my favorite from them. Any idea when a new CD will be coming out? UGcQU27JBQI
  14. PhD Gator

    Linkin Park "New Divide"

    Video won't play anymore :( Guess I will look for it elsewhere. I love Linkin Park as well, so I would like to hear it. I saw them live a couple years ago and it was awesome.
  15. PhD Gator

    Yes, it's really a cake!

    Dang, that is beautiful. I might have to look into that for my Groom's cake whenever I tie the knot.
  16. PhD Gator

    Sorry, been super busy and just haven't gotten around to visiting a lot of my sites I am...

    Sorry, been super busy and just haven't gotten around to visiting a lot of my sites I am normally on. Just thought about Gator Envy today and realized how long it's been. I'll try to start making it back here more often again.
  17. PhD Gator

    The Swamp will look a bit different next season

    Yeah, I'm really excited about this. This is one thing The Swamp really needed to get more up to date. These video boards will be SWEET
  18. PhD Gator

    I'm back

    Hope you had a good time. Vegas is definitely a fun place. I'm hoping to make it back to Vegas again soon.
  19. PhD Gator

    Help with applying to UF!

    Congrats on getting the application in. You have made a wise choice. Keep us updated. Hopefully in not too long we will be saying "Welcome to the Gator Nation!!"
  20. PhD Gator

    Tebow passes victory lap tradition to Brantley

    Yeah I thought it was cool he brought him around with him. I was just assuming it was because Brantley played a lot of the minutes. I sure hope it isn't because Tebow plans on leaving. I can definitely see both sides of it for him though, so I will understand either way.