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    Top Sunshine State High Schools for the Florida Gators

    Honestly, I think hard to pick which program to choose depending how many offers someone gets. Do you pick the program because of the system the team runs, prestige, playing time, closest to home, the education/major you want to pick?
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    Top Sunshine State High Schools for the Florida Gators

    I know some of those schools, especially Armwood. I think I attend a game where Andre Caldwell's Jefferson team where his team beat my Tampa Bay Tech Titans in 2001 which ended in Jefferson winning the district. I know there was Daquon Green who probably would have stayed at Florida if not for...
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    Gators in the USFL

    In fairness, there were only four Gators in the USFL. Besides, we care if Gators are in the Super Bowl not the USFL/XFL Championship Game.
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    Gators in the USFL

    and the Bandits are 0-2 against the Breakers and not going to the playoffs. Not again with Tampa Football Teams.
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    Gators in the USFL

    I do like the USFL because the Bandits are back. I'm for the Tampa teams though I think the Rock will move the Vipers to Orlando. I would like to see the Bandits in person.
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    Gators in the USFL

    Because of the HBC coaching Orlando
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    Mick Hubert retiring

    https://floridagators.com/news/2022/5/19/general-Mick-Hubert-To-Retire-After-33-Years-As-Voice-of-the-Gators.aspx Gator Nation won't be the same
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    Gators in the USFL

    I'm rooting for the Bandits. Them and the Breakers are fighting for the second spot in the South Division.
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    Gators in the USFL

    Thompson is one of the best RBs in the league.
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    Former Florida LB and Jackson State EDGE James Houston selected by Detroit Lions in Round 6 of 2022 NFL Draft

    He went from a Gator to being coached by a Nole (Deion is the coach at JSU).
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    Kaiir Elam selected by Buffalo Bills in Round 1 of 2022 NFL Draft

    Drafted late first round to the Bills. Also, Kaiir's dad played in the league as well and Matt is still playing in the CFL.
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    Emory Jones is leaving

    https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33540734/florida-gators-qb-emory-jones-enter-college-football-transfer-portal Hopefully, it's official this time. Napier convinced him to stay a little longer prolonging this but it looks like it's done for sure. He's working on his degree to be...
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    Mike White Accepts Job at Georgia

    Seriously? They lose their coach to the biggest rival. I hope they beat UGA every time, at least have a winning record against that traitor.
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    Arch Manning

    True, partially because Ole Miss had some problems with their program at the time and Cooper (Arch's Dad) was unable to play. Also true that Arch might blaze his own path though there are other schools like Bama, Clemson, Georgia, Texas, LSU, as well in the hunt.
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    USFL Draft 2022/2023: Any Chance to convince Emory Jones to join the USFL?

    Just wondering, just as long he's not playing not the Bandits.
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    Arch Manning

    It would nice if Napier got him over Lane
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    Arch Manning

    The Gators are in the running for Peyton's and Eli's nephew. Fun Fact, Peyton was recruited by Florida but went to Tennessee probably for the best he would have waited for this turn behind Danny.
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    STILL No Buzz?

    The Gators do have a chance at the SEC East. Who else is there besides Georgia? Really hoping for AR15 to start. Yes, Georgia will a tough challenge.
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    National Signing Day 2022

    They're 19th, a spot ahead of FSU.
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    The One Nagging Doubt

    Better yet, Jones could give the USFL a shot.