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  1. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Randy Shannon to Florida (Rumor this is not official)

  2. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Leon Orr's Letter - Your Thoughts

    First off I want to start by saying I love my university and I love my team. I would never in a million years quit on my brothers simply because I was not starting. For people to fully understand my process of thinking and how I was feeling when I made the decision to confront coach Muschamp...
  3. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Treon Harris starting against UGA

  4. Dale J. Rodriguez

    The Official Kurt Roper Thread

    Team, I do not think that Kurt is that bad. I just believe that he needs to develop Treon, and recruit a better Oline.
  5. Dale J. Rodriguez

    5 Million Reasons, to Bring in Charlie Strong

    Charlies buyout is 5 million dollars, I got 5 on it is anyone else with me!
  6. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Why I agree with Coach Muschamp's Offense

    I know some fans hate it. But honestly I like this offense by Coach Boom. The point of this offense is to score about 24 - 35 points a game, and do so in a TOP fashion. This offense works well with the defense that we have. I think what we have to realize, is that as long as Tyler and the O...
  7. Dale J. Rodriguez

    A Good Article, with some good points

  8. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Phil Steele's All SEC 2013 Preseason Teams

    We had about 11 - 12 Gators on this list. https://www.philsteele.com/Blogs/2013/JUN13/DBJune04.html
  9. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Orange and Blue Game

    Anyone going to the Orange and Blue Game?
  10. Dale J. Rodriguez

    All SEC Coaches Team

    I cannot lie I was really heated about this for some strange reason, our guys played the defense in the SEC this year and we got snubbed on quite a few of these lists IMO: http://www.secdigitalnetwork.com/NEWS/tabid/473/Article/239950/2012-all-sec-football-team-announced.aspx
  11. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gator Bites - FLA vs FSU

    Gator Bites - FLA vs FSU
  12. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gator Bites - FLA vs Jacksonville State

    Gator Bites - FLA vs Jacksonville State
  13. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gator Bites - FLA vs Lousiana (HC)

    Gator Bites - FLA vs Lousiana (HC)
  14. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gator Bites - FLA vs MIZZOU

    Gator Bites - FLA vs MIZZOU
  15. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gator Bites - FLA vs UGA

    Hey Fellas I wanted to start a weekly thread called Gator Bites, where we have small talk about the game during the game. I was trying to make one during the FLA/USC game but my phone was clowning. I will bump this back up next week. When we start our showdown at UGA.
  16. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Gators #2 BCS

    We appreciate the ranking, but we are focused on USC this Saturday in Gainesville.
  17. Dale J. Rodriguez

    BCS Rankings Countdown

    I hope Coach Boom can get the pressure off the team. I am projecting us as number 2 or 3 in the BCS tonight based upon our schedule strength.
  18. Dale J. Rodriguez

    We found the Honeybadger

    His name is Matt Elam. Gators you gotta admit, that was one of the best Florida Plays of all time, that strip he had after getting beat deep.
  19. Dale J. Rodriguez

    Hello World

    My name is Dale, I am a GatorFan. I stay in Charlotte, NC. #GeuaxGators!