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  1. carolinathru&thru

    A Burning Question I've Been Meaning to Ask

    Are jorts really popular in Gainesville? :eek:
  2. carolinathru&thru

    Virginia Tech Shooting

    EDIT: sorry, just saw another thread on this. my bad.
  3. carolinathru&thru

    Where is everybody?

    Over the past few weeks, it doesn't seem like there has been much activity on Gatorenvy at all. Spring break perhaps? Ya'll have actually boosted your membership up to 150, but a lot of the new members haven't posted that much. You have a good site here though, so hopefully it can continue...
  4. carolinathru&thru

    Ya'll Played a good game, But the Gators Go down to the Cocks 8-6

    What a game. 11 innings, and a load of comebacks. Travis Jones had a killer game and series. He had 11 RBI's in the series, and 5 HR's I believe. I commend the Gator players for their effort. But I'm very proud of the carolina players after their's.
  5. carolinathru&thru

    Gators fall to Gamecocks 12-2

    we got the best of you guys last night, but i think the gators will come to play tonight. If we don't watch out, we could get handed an L. As a said earlier, if our bats stay hot we can definitely beat ya'll. They sure were hot last night and I hope it stays that way, for our sake anyway.
  6. carolinathru&thru

    USC vs. Florida game to be on ESPN on Easter Sunday

    The South Carolina vs. Florida baseball game is going to be on ESPN on April 8. Looks like my guys are going to slug it out against ya'lls on national tv. Can't wait to see it.
  7. carolinathru&thru

    Team-Player Game

    Okay, this was Gatorguy8's idea, not mine. I'm giving him full credit. But here's how it works. I say the name of a team. Everyone then says the name of 10 players on the team. Then, someone else starts off with a new team. I'll keep with the theme of the site and start with...
  8. carolinathru&thru


    I never did introduce myself officially. I am just going to post something that I posted in another forum in response to the question, "why are you on this site if you are a gamecock fan." This site is just getting started, I like helping out with posts etc. Like friendly fraternization with...
  9. carolinathru&thru

    New Game 'Bout Names

    Here is a new game. I will say the name of any well-known person (doesn't have to be sports, but it can be). Then you will say the name of another person with that person's first name begginning with the letter of the pre-ceding person's last name. example: someone might say Billy Donovan...
  10. carolinathru&thru

    Word Association Game

    Okay, here's a game to kill time. I start off with a word, then you say the next word that's comes to mind, and continue. This first Word is: Florida