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  1. GatorGuy8

    2009 game @ lexington Help!

    You could always just go there and get tickets from the scalpers. I'm sure if you look around a while you could find some tickets near the student section, or wherever you want to be.
  2. GatorGuy8

    Gators lose to UGA - what's wrong with this team?

    While I agree one of them should be on the bench, with the team the way it currently is (Chaney is hurt; Kadji isn't playing defense well enough to start; Vargas not where he needs to be due to being injured and out for the first 11 games), there is no way he takes those two out of the starting...
  3. GatorGuy8

    Update: Tim Tebow

    I don't think Tebow would play all that much in the Spring Game but it would be fun to see Brantley go off. He is going to be a really good QB, and although no one will ever forget Timmy, he may just carve his own name in Florida history.
  4. GatorGuy8

    Hello from BAMA

  5. GatorGuy8

    Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

    That was pretty funny.
  6. GatorGuy8

    Update: Tim Tebow

    Sounds good to me. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be 100% and ready to go by the time the season starts. That is all that matters at the end of the day. Even if he misses Spring Practice, which I don't think he will (at least all of it), he will be ready to go. No doubt.
  7. GatorGuy8

    2009 game @ lexington Help!

    Might be getting season tickets.:punk:
  8. GatorGuy8

    Gators lose to UGA - what's wrong with this team?

    For one, our free throw shooters, besides maybe (surprisingly a freshman) Erving Walker suck pretty badly, especially in the clutch. Nick shoots a respectable percentage, somewhere in the low 70's, but for a premier guard, he should be shooting much higher. Also, this time has no Super Stars...
  9. GatorGuy8

    Fellow GE members. Do we need site rules for rival fans?

    Unless they are 'breaking the rules' or doing something so bad that it warrants their posts be deleted or moved, I don't see any problem with rivals fans who like to stir up a little trouble (at least if it's stuff like 'Tennessee is going to destroy Florida' type of trouble).
  10. GatorGuy8

    Jaguars release RB Fred Taylor

    No surprise. It's a business, like any other Sport. Fred was clearly not his old self, at least to what he used to be, and MJD was better. And plus, he was making too much money.
  11. GatorGuy8

    Expert: Gators need 10 conference wins to reach NCAA Tourney

    If we can win our remaining home games, we should be in. But that's a big if. I want us to make the NCAA Tourney, but don't want to get my hopes up.
  12. GatorGuy8

    OL Carl Johnson arrested

    Doesn't seem all that bad. To me, at least. I think he will get disciplined but doubt he get's suspended. And if he does it would probably be for one or both of the first two games, depending how many games (if any) he gets suspended.
  13. GatorGuy8

    Matt Bonner

    He is a really good shooter. And at 6'10", it's a rare a guy shoots the 3 ball so well. I wish him all the luck in the World.
  14. GatorGuy8

    Marreese Speights

    He is playing well recently. Once he gets into the starting lineup, whether that is next year or this year, he could definitely be a guy that gets you twenty and ten a night and maybe 1.5 to 2 or more blocks a night. Still needs to work on defense and consistency, but a really nicer pickup...
  15. GatorGuy8

    Nu'Keese Richardson

    Actually, Nuke lied right down to the last minute, because LAME told him, too. After all the lies he told Thursday, Richardson said: "I ain't saying it's good he called Urban Meyer a cheater," Richardson said. "I just like the way he does things." It's pretty obvious to me this kid saw...
  16. GatorGuy8

    The Lame kitten thread

    Lame Kitten is writing himself a check he certainly can't cash. Biggest arse I've seen coaching in a while. At least Spurrier had won a lot of games before he started talking crap. :hammer:
  17. GatorGuy8

    What up?

  18. GatorGuy8

    Is the offense clicking?

    Meyer hasn't shown much of the offense because there has been no need to. We have been up comfortably in every game. I'm not worried in the least about this offense.
  19. GatorGuy8

    How long till our next championship?

    If we get Boynton and Knight, I doubt it will take too long.
  20. GatorGuy8

    How long till our next championship?

    2-5 years seems about right.